Lake Balaton


Valentine’s Day: Most romantic places at Lake Balaton

Here are the 6 most romantic places around Lake Balaton to take your significant other this week 🥰 #valentinesday #balaton #lakebalaton

Balaton Sound: 30 new artists, major changes announced about Hungary’s iconic beach festival

This year's Balaton Sound promises to bring a diversity of electronic music genres to the scene at Balaton. #balatonsound #festival #music #summer

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Lake Balaton beach and shore in Keszthely will be stunning

Have a look at the astonihishing visuals of the project! #Keszthely #Balaton #summer #beach #development

Lake Balaton’s special ‘Greek village’ demolished – this will be built in its place

Have you ever heard about the Greek village of Lake Balaton? #LakeBalaton #Balatonfüred #partytown

These Hollywood movies were filmed around Lake Balaton

Can you guess which movies featured this Hungarian spectacle? 🎥🌊

Discover this abandoned military castle near Lake Balaton!

Forgotten military base that was once the gem of Europe is now one of Hungary's most beautiful ghost castles. Discover the base with us! #abandoned #Hajmáskér #beautiful #military #history

7 best cafés around Lake Balaton that you should visit in winter

Here's a list of all the best places around Lake Balaton where you can warm your hands and soul with a lovely cup of coffee. #LakeBalaton #bakeries #winter #coffee

New ice rink opens near the shores of Lake Balaton

The ice rink is undergoing a serious expansion, meaning there's even more fun waiting for visitors and locals alike once the frost sets in. #Balaton #skating

Surprising legends of the Hungarian dragons

Everybody knows of dragons. But did you know they also dwelled in Hungary? Here are three legends about the menacing Hungarian dragons. #Hungary #folklore #dragons

Here’s what you can do at Lake Balaton in winter

There are tons of activities that don't require a swimsuit and which you can do anytime, even in winter. No matter the weather, the Hungarian sea is always open to visitors! #Hungary #Balaton #winter

Here are the most and least expensive homes in rural Hungary

The priciest homes in the country, especially those in the Balaton region, are neck and neck with their counterparts in Budapest. #Balaton #realestate

Hungarian government announces development of international airport

The governmnet decided to start serious developments at this Hungarian airport near Lake Balaton #airport #travel #tourism #Hévíz #Balaton

Unearthing Hungary: dinosaur fossils found in Bakony

The Bakony Mountains have always been a favourite spot for many; as it turns out not just for tourists but dinosaurs too. #Hungary #dinosaurs #Bakony

International Veszprém Jazz Festival to start on Thursday

Veszprém was awarded the UNESCO City of Music title in 2019, and a highlighted goal of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture scheme is to promote a wide range of musical styles... #UNESCO #Veszprém #LakeBalaton

Why do German pensioners flood Hungary? – VIDEO

The Hungarian crew of the Deutsche Welle interviewed some Germans who have been living in Hungary for quite a while now. #Hungary #Germans #migration

Priceless fighter plane recovered from Lake Balaton

The plane is also special because it is the only surviving Messerschmitt assembled in Hungary in the world. #war #history #LakeBalaton

Shocking price gap between most and least expensive streets in Hungary

You would not believe just how low the price per square metre is for the cheapest properties in Hungary. #realestate #Budapest #houses

Fun facts about Hungary that always surprise foreigners

Things everybody knows about Hungary, but foreigners are still surprised they are true: #heritage #culture

These are the best places to live in Hungary in 2023

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Budapest was again significantly ahead of second place.... #list #rank #Budapest #MBHBank

VIDEO: WWII fighter aircraft found in Lake Balaton, weapons recovered

Apart from the one that has now been found after nearly 80 years, there is no other surviving Hungarian Messerschmitt fighter aircraft known in the world. #balaton #find #wwii #history