Hungarian stand at Leipzig Book Fair 2024: German editions of recent titles to be showcased

Hungary will present the German edition of titles published over the past years at its own stand at the prestigious Leipzig Book Fair between 21-24 March. #book #art #germany #bookfair

Orbán’s political director: It’s not in Hungary’s interest to follow the West’s strategy

Balázs Orbán said the end of the unipolar world had opened the door for smaller countries to develop and pursue their own strategies on their way to success. #west #politics

Jon Kalman Stefansson, France to be guests of honour at Budapest Intl Book Festival

Jon Kalman first attended the Budapest International Book Festival in 2018. #Budapest #book #bookfestival #JonKalman #programmeguide

A book that chronicles the lives of Hungarian children abroad

Maintaining and shaping our cultural identity is important. For Hungarian children living abroad, one way to achieve it is through this book. 🌍✨ #expat #hungarians #culture #book #literature #art

New EC children’s book to help Ukrainian refugee children’s integration

The book has been translated into 13 languages so far and will be distributed in schools, libraries and NGOs. #refugees #Ukraine

Most beautiful in Hungary: She is Miss Hungary 2023 – PHOTOS

This year's most beautiful woman is 27 years old, is from Transylvania: #missuniversehungary #beautyqueen #contest

28th International Book Festival to be held in Budapest

The 28th International Book Festival Budapest (28 September — 1 October, Millenáris Park) hosts the Netherlands as Guest of Honour this year. #InternationalBookFestival #Budapest

These are the best English bookshops in Budapest

Here are our top picks for English-language bookshops in Budapest. #Hungary #Budapest #books

International Book Festival to be held in Budapest this September

The International Book Festival will be held between September 28 and October 1 with some 140 exhibitors and many foreign authors #Hungary #Hungarian #event #festival #book #Budapest

Bookshop fined for displaying LGBTQ+ graphic novel

Heartstopper... #Hungary #Hungarian #Líra #fine #lgbtq

Anti-gay law: Books are wrapped in transparent foil in Hungary

A video emerged showing books containing queer characters being wrapped in transparent foil so that they cannot be read or looked into. #hungary #dailynewshungary #books #libri #censorship

Government-close company acquires Hungary’s largest bookstore chain: governmental interference to come?

Following the acquisition of the Libri book store chain by MCC, many Hungarian writers expressed fear and skepticism regarding the future of the book market. #dailynewshungary #hungary #book #bookstore #libri #mcc #ner #purchase

John Scalzi, Netherlands, guests of honour at Budapest International Book Festival

American sci-fi writer John @Scalzi and the Netherlands will be the guests of honour at this year's Budapest International Book Festival held between... #dailynewshungary

Netherlands to be guest of honour at Budapest Book Festival

This year's Book Week would be held between June 8 and 11 in Vörösmarty Square.... #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #Budapest #event

SIBF 2022: Interview with Khawla Al Mujaini

We interviewed Khawla Al Mujaini, General coordinator of SIBF:

SIBF 2022 comes to a close: 2.17 million visitors from 112 countries – PHOTOS

The Daily News Hungary also attended at SIBF 2022

Sultan AlQasimi opens 41st edition of Sharjah International Book Fair

SIBF had emerged as the largest book fair in the world in terms of buying and selling copyrights in 2022.

SIBF 2022 opens on Wednesday, Hungary will be represented

The highly anticipated 41st edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair kicks off on Wednesday

Unbearable price rises: Hungarian publishers at risk

The economic crisis and the cellulose shortage puts Hungarian publishers and printing houses in a very difficult situation. #dailynewhungary #Hungary #printing #paper #shortage

971 publishers from 92 countries register for participation in 12th SIBF Publishers Conference

 The Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) has announced that the 12th edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) Publishers Conference