Budapest Assembly


No governmental support, Budapest strives to survive

Receipt of some HUF 55 billion (EUR 140.9m) in support promised by the government is still in question. #budapest #budget

Official: Huge changes coming to Budapest traffic, pay attention!

Here is everything you should know about the changes coming to Budapest traffic. #hungary #dailynewshungary #budapest #traffic

Ray of hope: Budapest Jazz Club to be saved

Good news arose yesterday: the Budapest Assembly granted an extraordinary HUF 10 million (EUR 26,900) support to the Budapest Jazz Club. #hungary #dailynewshungary #budapest #budapestjazzclub #culture #music

Budapest public transport in danger? Transport company takes out huge loan

As part of the municipality's "survival programme", the Budapest Transport Centre (BKK) will take out a HUF 24 billion (EUR 63.9 million) loan. #hungary #dailynewshungary #budapest #bkk #publictransport #loan

Budapest Assembly adopts measures of survival programme

The package includes the stabilisation of the city's budget, maintaining the quality of city services and guaranteeing the payment of wages of people employed by institutions operated by the municipality. #hungary #dailynewshungary #budapest #assembly

Budapest’s biggest scandal right now is the name of a street

According to the Budapest Government Office, the naming of a promenade after Gyula Horn in District XIII district is against the law. #hungary #dailynewshungary #budapest #street #history

Building battery plants in Budapest to require residents’ approval

The Budapest Assembly passed a position on Wednesday: the city's residents must be consulted before any plans are made regarding battery plants. #hungary #dailynewshungary #budapest #batteryplants

Utility support scheme will need Budapest municipal assembly’s approval

The utility price support scheme the municipality of Budapest plans to introduce as of October 1 will need the approval of the municipal council

No public transport fare rise but reduced usage of lights in Budapest

In the summer, decoration lights will be turned off after 11 pm in the city.

Budapest Mayor: Budapest Assembly lacks quorum ‘due to conflict between party leaders’ – UPDATED

The Budapest Assembly was cancelled on Wednesday due to conflict between the leaders of the parties in the leading coalition. #hungary #budapest #politics

Top court rules referendum bids on China’s Fudan University, jobless benefits unconstitutional

Has the last hurdle for the Chinese university been cleared?

Budapest drops plans for Gellért Hill funicular

⚠️The municipality of Budapest have scrapped the plans for the new Gellért Hill funicular 🇭🇺🚠

City Hall sale plans: there is no evidence, committee closed the case

No evidence, case closed:

Budapest’s public transport has now been ensured

Karácsony said it was unclear to him why "political pressure by the municipality was necessary" to receive the funding

Hungary has enough vaccine, says minister

Would vaccinations be compulsory in Hungary? Find the answer here⤵️

Budapest mask-wearing decree to be revoked!

"Budapest mask-wearing decree to be revoked!" - Budapest Mayor Karácsony

Mayor Karácsony: Budapest mulling 0.5 pc business tax for recovery

Budapest is mulling the introduction of a 0.5 percent "recovery" tax on larger businesses, details ⤵️

Liget Budapest – City assembly approves amendment to construction rules


Liget Budapest – Hungarian government decree fixes City Park construction rules

The Orbán cabinet re-opened the fight over the issue of City Park/Városliget with the decree

Budapest Assembly tightens rules on mask-wearing, introduces fines for infractions!

Wearing masks will be compulsory in many places!