Budapest Assembly


Utility support scheme will need Budapest municipal assembly’s approval

The utility price support scheme the municipality of Budapest plans to introduce as of October 1 will need the approval of the municipal council

No public transport fare rise but reduced usage of lights in Budapest

In the summer, decoration lights will be turned off after 11 pm in the city.

Budapest Mayor: Budapest Assembly lacks quorum ‘due to conflict between party leaders’ – UPDATED

The Budapest Assembly was cancelled on Wednesday due to conflict between the leaders of the parties in the leading coalition. #hungary #budapest #politics

Top court rules referendum bids on China’s Fudan University, jobless benefits unconstitutional

Has the last hurdle for the Chinese university been cleared?

Budapest drops plans for Gellért Hill funicular

⚠️The municipality of Budapest have scrapped the plans for the new Gellért Hill funicular 🇭🇺🚠

City Hall sale plans: there is no evidence, committee closed the case

No evidence, case closed: