Budapest council


Large crowd gathered at the anti-government demonstration in Budapest

Civil organisations and teacher and student movements held a protest demanding freedom in education in Budapest:

Investigations into five hundred million in support for Karácsony’s movement

Mayor Karácsony had maintained that the money had been "put together" by Hungarian donors

Hungarian central bank wants to keep base rate low

In its statement, the Council said it was necessary to "maintain tight monetary conditions in order to achieve price stability"! #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary

Mayor Karácsony: Budapest residents ‘stood up for their city’ in public survey

"This is the biggest such survey in Budapest's history"

Drastic speed decrease will come in Budapest

A new era will start in the Hungarian capital concerning all drivers in weeks, the mayor of Budapest promises. #Hungary #Hungarian #Budapest #traffic #speed #dailynewshungary #driver #car

Construction of the new National Gallery in the City Park could start in a year or two

A magnificent museum building will be built in the City Park if...

The 5.5-year nightmare is over: metro line 3 in Budapest is now fully operational – pictures

Reconstruction of #Budapest #metro line 3 wraps up #dailynewshungary #hungary

What will happen to the iconic bridge? Government and opposition clash on the issue

The fate of our beloved Chain Bridge is being decided. What do you think?

Budapest denies tax payment to the State, files lawsuit against it

The capital city council is bringing an administrative action against the Hungarian state for imposing an illegal tax. #hungary #dailynewshungary #budapest #government

PHOTOS: This is how Budapest’s largest and most beautiful park will look

Népliget will return to its former glory. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #Budapest

Important change on Budapest Metro line 3: two metro stops in the city centre have been opened – Photos

Two downtown stops of the revamped Budapest metro line 3 were inaugurated on Monday:

Should the Chain Bridge remain car-free?

Budapest Chain Bridge should remain car-free after the ongoing renovation of the bridge?

Karácsony: Evidence suggests City Hall sale allegation was ‘criminal smear campaign’

"The Fidesz-serving media, government members and Fidesz representatives in Budapest entertained themselves and the public with obvious lies for months"

Budapest central Christmas market has been cancelled

If the current situation was not bleak enough, Budapest Council will likely not host a Christmas market this year

Budapest administration drawing up action plan for heating season

The Budapest local authority is working with trade unions to draw up an action plan to slash energy use in public buildings

From today, the parking system in Budapest will be completely overhauled

It will be worth being careful when driving in the capital, as there will be some changes!

Budapest, UNHCR open help centre for Ukrainian refugees

Importan news for Ukrainian refugees:

Mayor Karácsony: ‘No one should fear because of skin colour, identity, religion’ in Budapest

"Diversity and standing together makes Budapest strong"

Budapest’s largest public park, Népliget, to be renovated

Népliget (People's Park) covers an area of 110 hectares (270 acres) in Budapest, Hungary

Parking fees to rise 15-100 pc in Budapest!

Currently, there are 27 different parking zones in the Hungarian capital. The City Council plans to introduce a uniform system, which also means a significant price increase. #Hungary #Hungarian #parkingfee #Budapest #localgovernment #money #fee #dailynewshungary