Carpathian Basin


Hungarian government to complete all investment projects started in Carpathian Basin

The government will complete all investment projects already started throughout the Carpathian Basin:

Hungarian population smaller than ever in the Carpathian Basin

Not only did Hungary's population become smaller than ever, but the same can also be said for the entire Carpathian Basin. #Hungary #demographics #population

Tomb of Hungarian ancestor Hun king found in Romania?

The remains of the tomb of a probable Hun warrior have been found. Could it belong to Attila, the Hun king? #hungary #dailynewshungary #discovery #history #archaeology #huns

Agriculture minister greets 11th agriculture forum for Carpathian Basin

11th Cooperation Forum of the Carpathian Basin/XI. Kárpát-medencei Összefogás Fórum

20 percent of Carpathian forest could disappear by 2050

Irresponsible logging practices in the Carpathian Mountains will cause huge forest loss if no action is taken. #dailynewshungary #Hungary #Carpathian #forestry #logging

Photo report: Bridal dresses from the Carpathian Basin

A show presenting bridal dresses from fifteen settlements of the Carpathian Basin was held in Cluj Napoca on 19 November. #hungary #dailynewshungary #bridaldress #weddingdress #show #carpathianbasin #transylvania #romania

State secretary: Hungarian communities in the diaspora are fortresses of the nation

"If the diaspora is weakened or disappears, the core of the nation will follow," Potápi said.

New Hungarian regional flights connecting Transylvania and Balaton

The test period was successful for the new Hungarian airline! #dailynewshungary #Hungary #air travel #Aeroexpress #airport

Hungarian Chief Rabbi also reacts to Orbán’s “mixed-race” speech

"Speaking of race. Many different species populate our planet. But... "- Chief Rabbi

PM Orbán said which “races” Hungarians might and would not mix with

In our article, you may read Orbán's full-length line of thought on the issue clearing what the prime minister thinks about which peoples the Hungarians should mix with and which not. #Hungary #Hungarian #race #ViktorOrbán #dailynewshungary #mix #Europe #Islamiccivilization #Islam #speech

Tusványos to be held again after two years, Orbán to attend

Tusványos, one of the largest Hungarian festivals in the Carpathian Basin in Szeklerland

Day of National Cohesion: Several programmes will be organised in Hungary and beyond the borders

The motto of this year's Csiksomlyó pilgrimage is "Pax et Bonum"

Camps, study visits for Hungarians living in W Europe to continue!

The Hungarian government will continue its cooperation with Hungarian organisations in western Europe in 2022 #Hungary #Hungarian #dailynewshungary #usefulDNH #useful #camp #studyvisit #visit #travel #government

Hungary knew about the attack on Ukraine and wanted to take part of the territory, says Danilov

"Hungary knew about the preparation of an attack on Ukraine and wanted to take part of the territory"

Romania Hungarians to declare nationality in census, says RMDSZ

"If the Romanian state sees Hungarians in Romania as a robust community, it will have a different approach to them"

Hungary Election 2022: Many more Hungarians with dual citizenship registered to vote than in 2018

Hundreds of thousands of Hungarians not permanently resident in Hungary registered to vote, details HERE:

Bach festival to hold 150 free concerts in 7 countries

"The Bach for Everyone festival will hold 150 #free concerts in 60 localities"

EU makes no effort to avert crises, says Fidesz MP in Poland

The European Union makes no effort to avert the crises that arise on the continent and always finds...

Government: preserving national identity is a human right

It is vitally important that the issue of national minorities should be kept on the agenda of the Council of Europe, they said. #Hungary #Hungarian #minority #ethnicproblems #dailynewshungary #government

Embroidered coat, Szentesi paprika, traditional heasdstones inscribed on Hungarikum list

🇭🇺 Embroidered coat (cifraszűr), Szentesi paprika, traditional heasdstones (hagyományos fejfák) inscribed on Hungarikum list #hungary#hungaricum