Informal meeting for EU energy ministers in Budapest

Global competition has entered a critical phase and Europe will lag behind unless it does everything possible to enhance its competitiveness, Hungary's energy affairs minister said. #energy #budapest

British PM Starmer: Hungary to host next EPC summit

Everybody who counts take part on the EPC meetings. #epc #uk #britain #orbán

PM Orbán travels to East urgently

He will leave Hungary today. #orbán #visit #summit #azerbaijan #china #shanghai

Hungary’s government rejects pressure on energy policy

Global Energy Security Talks conference, Tkyo, Japan:

International conference at ESSCA in Budapest about the “greenest” Olympic Games

Paris Olympic Games - are you already excited? #paris #olympicgames #33 #conference #budapest #essca

Minister Kudratov: Tashkent International Investment Forum, starting in two days, is a milestone for the region – Interview

We had the chance to interview Laziz Kudratov, Uzbekistan's Minister of Investment, Industry and Trade, about the event Tashkent International Investment Forum 2024:

MEPs turn to EP president over NatCon shutdown

"We cannot ignore the brutal attempt to silence conservative politicians in Brussels!" #NatCon (National Conservatism Conference) #Brussels

Orbán’s MEP talks about leaving Europe!

Enikő Győri talked about leaving Europe in a panel discussion at NatCon conference in Brussels. #eu #europeanunion #mep #fidesz

Police officers put an end to Orbán’s convervatism conference in Brussels 🔄

"Brussels no longer capital of freedom" Police officers put an end to National Conservatism Conference

5th Budapest LNG Summit: ideologies are not important when it comes to the energy business, says minister

Budapest LNG Summit: "We don't take political or ideological considerations into account," said the foreign minister of a government that, in theory, is based on national and Christian ideology.

Hungarian minister threatens foreign companies, shares he drank away his first salary

The Hungarian construction minister also threatened foreign companies saying those not respecting Hungarians cannot stay in the country. #spar #JánosLázár #salary #government

PM Orbán invited by President Erdogan to share his thoughts on international forum

PM Orbán travels to Antalya on Friday #conference #adf #türkiye #visit

Budapest international conference on the future of education in February

MCC will organise an international conference on the most pressing issues and trends in the future of education #MCC #conference #budapest #education

Polish-Hungarian friendship resurrected in Budapest?

The main priority was the strongest possible representation of conservative and Christian values in European politics, a Fidesz MEP said #Poland #Hungary #Christianity

From Bucharest to New York, the 120th anniversary of János Neumann is being celebrated

The John von Neumann Computer Society is participating in prestigious events organized in the United States, the Netherlands, Serbia, and Romania. #Neumann120 #conference #commemoration

Budapest mayor slammed Orbán government, government hostile

Community endows Budapest with its strength, not the city's administration alone, Gergely Karácsony, the city's mayor, said #Karácsony #Budapest #government

Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople visited Hungary

Deputy PM Semjén and Bartholomew I, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, addressed an international ecumenical conference #Pannonhalma #Constantinople #religion #conference #meeting

Budapest Demographic Summit this month: will Elon Musk come?

The Italian prime minister and the presidents of Serbia and Bulgaria will attend and address the Budapest Demographic Summit this month, the President’s office said on […]

Climate protection youth conference will be held in Budapest

The title of the conference is Climate Heroes #climate #climatechange #Budapest #event #conference

Italian prime minister will give keynote speech at important Budapest summit

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni will be one of the keynote speakers at the fifth Budapest Demographic Summit, President Novák said #President #GiorgiaMeloni #Ialy