economic crisis in Hungary


Experts’ grim prognosis for Hungarian forint: 450/EUR on the horizon?

Are you rooting for a 👍 strong or 👎 weak forint? #money #forint #economy

Hungarian FM regrets ‘nadir’ of EU’s competitiveness before meeting EU counterparts

"Ill-advised decisions in Brussels in recent years have led to a nadir in Europe's competitiveness"

Mandatory supermarket food discounts extended in Hungary!

The government has decided to extend discounts big supermarkets must offer regularly on a number of food products #government #food #shopping #economy

Hungarian Parliament votes on tax changes, global minimum tax and other important changes

Parliament today voted on a number of key changes

Hungary struggles with record number of shop closures

Hungary's economic landscape is experiencing a negative shift..

Government: Hungary back on growth path

Hungary has returned to a path of growth in spite of the Russia-Ukraine war, the ongoing "political attacks from Brussels, Mihály Varga said #economy #money #war #EU #EuropeanUnion

No good news as industrial production in Hungary fell by 7.3 percent

Headline industrial output fell by 7.3 percent year-on year...

Hungary’s construction sector is in big trouble, new official figures show

Here are the latest official data on the Hungarian construction sector: #KSH #construction

Hungary in trouble? Government sells all Hungarian shares in Austrian bank

The state is selling back a 15 percent stake #Erste #Austria #economy #government

Wonder? Hungarian inflation below psychological barrier!

The government believes it is one of their victories that the average inflation went below a psychological barrier in Hungary #inflation #economy #government

Hungarian construction manufacturers are suffering

The government imposed a new punitive tax on the sector and ... #economy #construction

Six more companies receive support in plant rescue scheme

"Over the past seven years, Hungary's investment promotion system managed the largest number of investment projects compared with other countries of the Visegrad group"

Unstoppable decline in housing construction in Hungary

The number of housing permits issued in Hungary fell sharply compared to the same period last year:

This is what former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány said at DK’s birthday event

""The state is not the boss; it's something we create, and..."

2024 to bring inevitable and brutal price hikes to Hungary

If anyone, we Hungarians know a thing or two about sudden price rises....

Hungary left behind – We are to be taken over by Bulgaria as well

It seems that not only Romania but also Bulgaria will do better than Hungary this year and in 2024. #bulgaria #romania #economy #recession

Orbán in trouble? IMF cuts Hungarian GDP forecast

Hungary's budget in trouble? #economy #crisis #government #GDP #IMF #inflation

Hungarians are the most pessimistic in Europe

The pessimism of the Hungarians and the inflation in Hungary are both Europe-recorders based on Intrum's new research #economy #trade

Bad news: Hungary’s industry continues to falter

Output of Hungary's industrial sector in August fell by an annual 5.3 percent, after dropping 2.6 percent in the previous month #industry #economy #crisis #government

Fitch: Hungary will not escape recession, the state budget looks bad

Here is Fitch Ratings' projection about the Hungarian economy and the figures do not look great: the only sure thing is recession #economy #Fitch #economy #crisis