Awakening Humanity’s Sacred Mission: Experts on Ethics, Sustainability and Creativity

Two experts, Alessandro Farina and Giacomo Pedranzini, shared their personal experience in Ethics, Sustainability and Creativity, at the worldwide Symposium “Awakening Humanity's Sacred Mission”. #nature #environment #sustainability #economy

Fuel prices rising endlessly in Hungary: Friday brings another shock

We've already seen a steep increase today; however, Friday will bring even more unpleasant numbers. #fuel #car #travel

Hungarian minister Nagy worried about future of European industry

A comprehensive support programme needed to help the European industry - do you agree with Márton Nagy? #EuropeanUnion #industry #government #competitiveness #development

Important and positive figures from the Hungarian Ministry of Finance

The Hungarian Ministry of Finance came out with important and positive figures, which is welcome compared to last year's disastrous year

Hungarian forint fell sharply in the last few days, but today there is hope

The Hungarian forint is having a terrible time, but maybe today will give Hungarians a glimmer of hope:

Hungarian government spends billions in South-East Asia

Hungarian government supports and investments in all over the world #foreignminister #economy

Hungarian gas prices five times the market value

Hungarians pay multiple times the market price for gas. #economy #gas #prices #Europe

Orbán cabinet miscalculated by EUR 3.1 billion, budget deficit has become brutal in 2023

Government admits clear failure of 2023 budget in Hungary - final figures confirmed

Minister Nagy: Europe slow at adapting to new trends

However, Asian countries, especially China, had responded well to the global challenges of recent times and strengthened their economies, Márton Nagy said. #europe #economy #asia

Hungarian President to meet world leaders next week

President Katalin Novák will travel to Switzerland to attend the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum #HUPresident #KatalinNovák

Significant price rises to come in Hungarian hospitality industry

Why prices in Hungarian catering will rise significantly #hospitality #money #economy #restaurants

Fuel consumption and retail sales of Hungarians have plummeted – latest data

#KSH data are out: Hungarians are buying less and filling up with petrol

New Ministry of Economy is powerful, and has immediately identified the priority sectors

Orbán's government tries to make up for economic mistakes with a new ministry

Official: Hungarian government’s financial calculations failed in 2023

Why did the budget fail? #budget #GDP #deficit #finance

Guess the only EU Prime Minister who received season’s greetings from Putin!

The Kremlin celebrated the New Year by publishing Putin's Happy New Year wishes. Click to see who received greetings! #Russia #politics #Putin

Legal procedure may launch against Hungary next summer

The final version of the reform deal of the Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) has been completed, entailing tough consequences for Hungary. #EuropeanUnion #economy #money #deficit

What a shame: Hungary is one of the poorest nations in the EU – latest figures

Hungary has to face the harsh reality of its economic position. 🌍📊 #economy #gdp #eurostat

Hungarian construction industry in serious trouble: what does the future hold?

This year has been rough on the construction industry, and the prospects are not looking good. What happened and what's next? #construction #decrease #money

Hungarian Minister believes Germans will flee to Hungary for better future

Should Hungary expect a large influx of German political and economic refugees? #germany #immigration #migration #deutschland

FM Szijjártó: Hungary among winners of new economic era in Europe

Szijjártó: Hungary is among the winners of the transition to the electric car industry, and therefore of the new economic era, thanks to the government. #economy #development #government #europe