Probe launched into suspected foreign financing attempt in Hungary

Hungary's Sovereignty Protection Office is launching an investigation into a suspected attempt at foreign election financing. #election #finance #investigation

Government official: Orbán, Trump adhere to same values, interests

"The [current] ideology-driven US administration does not respect the opinion and the will of the Hungarian people", but then under the Trump presidency

Hungarian FM to Breitbart: Trump presidency will ensure ‘new world order’ of global ‘peace, stability’

"If Trump's "pro-peace policies" take effect, then some of those European countries might change their positions as well" - Read the interview excerpt here:

Searching unassailable leadership: A look at potential candidates for head of state

The aftermath of the recent scandal precipitates the urgent need for the state to select a new head of state. Here are the list of potential candidates. #government #fidesz #president

Exit poll: Aliyev wins the presidential election in Azerbaijan, Orbán congratules – UPDATE

After regaining the Azeri territories, the current president is very popular and Aliyev, who has good relations with the Hungarian government, stays in his position

Fidesz politician: Legality of Serbia elections can’t be questioned

Zsolt Németh said that would be "preferable if certain political forces didn't question the legitimacy of the vote in Serbia just because it was won by a political side that they don't sympathise with". #Ukraine #election #Serbia

VIDEO: Trump hailed Prime Minister Orbán as a “great leader”

Former US President Donald Trump hailed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as a "great leader" and...

Hungarian foreign minister: 2024 is the Super Bowl of politics

"From our point of view, the US and EU elections are particularly important"

Transparency of elections to be ensured in Hungary

The new office will be tasked to "prevent foreign attempts to influence the elections", Tamás Lánczi said. #elections #sovereignty #politics

Serbian elections 2023: Vučić’s party wins, Hungarian party remains in government

The Hungarian government has already congratulated after the Serbian elections: #vucic #sns #vmsz #serbia #vojvodina #vajdaság

Hungary to set up Sovereignty Protection Office

Lawmakers approved the law on protecting national sovereignty that paves the way for establishing the Sovereignty Protection Office. #office #politics

Right to vote will be linked to literacy in Hungary?

Mi Hazánk "doesn't want to exclude anyone based on their ethnicity", but "this problem may affect Gypsies in Hungary the most", they said. #mihazánk #radical #suffrage #literacy

Fidesz wants foreign funds in elections to be criminalised

"Foreign funds in Hungarian politics have been increasingly present since Hungary joined the EU and..."

Orbán’s tactics failed again, PiS is angry

Kaczynskis' secret political weapon backfired. Turns out they employed Hungarian advisers for the failed campaign. #Hungary #ViktorOrbán #Poland #PiS

Opposition turns to top court on election law amendment

"The new mechanism obviously violates fundamental democratic rights"

Leading parties draft law to prevent Hungarian parties from receiving funding from abroad

But despite this legitimate concern, the governing parties do not seem to be talking about illegal government subsidies...

ÁSZ head: Opposition parties’ fine over foreign campaign financing ‘as yet undecided’

ÁSZ has the right and obligation to define the amount the parties had received in unlawful party financing... #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #Hungarianopposition #StateAuditOffice

Orbán: Erdogan opponent a ‘Soros man’, would have been a tragedy if he had won

Orbán: had Erdogan's opponent, a "Soros man", won, millions of refugees would have come to Hungary, and gas could not have continued to come through Türkiye. #hungary #dailynewshungary #türkiye #orbán #erdogan

Forint weakening may start today

The #Hungarian #forint has been strengthening for months, reaching even a 370/EUR echange rate, but that #trend may end today #Hungary #economy #Türkiye #elections #Erdogan #Kilicdaroglu

Fidesz would win by an even greater percentage now than a year ago

Support for the opposition parties of the former left-wing alliance, which won 36 percent of domestic votes in 2022, has dwindled further, to 30 percent in a new survey.... #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #FIdesz #MiHazánk #Párbeszéd #Jobbik #LMP #Momentum