energy crisis in Hungary


Hungary’s gas reserves exceed EU expectations

Hungary's gas reserves continue to be replenished by Russia, and there is no particular sign that the Hungarian government wants to change this:

MOL announces oil discovery in Hungary again

Oil discovery in Hungary: "Every barrel of oil produced in Hungary contributes to reducing import dependence"

Level of gas reserves in Hungary has become official

The amount of gas in Hungarian storage is the fourth highest in Europe:

Hungary’s government rejects pressure on energy policy

Global Energy Security Talks conference, Tkyo, Japan:

Uzbekistan Hungary concludes important new agreements and resumes direct flights

Meeting of the Hungarian-Uzbek mixed economic committee, investment zone for Hungarian companies, direct flight from Budapest to Tashkent, scholarship program and many more:

Orbán’s minister: Hungary needs Russian oil, gas

Does Hungary betray the EU or the NATO by buying Russian gas? #russia #nato #eu #energy #conservative #cpac #migration #war

Enhancing energy sovereignty important for Hungary, Orbán cabinet says

Enhancing energy sovereignty is an important goal for Hungary and renewables, natural gas power plants and nuclear energy, the Orbán cabinet said. #energy #government

5th Budapest LNG Summit: ideologies are not important when it comes to the energy business, says minister

Budapest LNG Summit: "We don't take political or ideological considerations into account," said the foreign minister of a government that, in theory, is based on national and Christian ideology.

Hungary-Slovenia-Serbia regional electricity exchange deal inked

Security of supply will be strengthened and electricity exchange trade between countries will be "fast and unhindered".

New government program helps home renewal in Hungary

The Orbán cabinet is to launch a new home modernisation program for energy improvements. #development #government #money #support #energyimprovement

Hungary to be in the top 5 in green energy storage worldwide by 2030, says official

"Hungary is set to have the largest green energy storage capacity in the world by 2030"

Hungary reduces gas consumption above EU expectations

"Hungary's consistent position is that defining a member's energy mix should stay a national competency"

Government-close media outraged by USA saying Orbán keeps Hungary in Russian gas dependence

The USA says in an advertised video that the Orbán cabinet keeps Hungary in Russian gas dependence, suggesting they should buy American LNG instead. #gas #energy #usa #russia

Official: gas supplies from Türkiye to Hungary to start in April

Natural gas will start flowing from Türkiye to Hungary on April 1, so a “historical date is approaching,” the foreign minister said on Monday. Péter Szijjártó […]

Atomexpo 2024 in Sochi: Hungarian Foreign Minister announces another milestone at the Paks nuclear power plant

Complete dependence on Moscow: Hungary is heavily dependent on Russian energy sources, and the latest nuclear power plant is being built by the Russians...

Budapest Balkan Forum 2024 has started – UPDATE

Budapest Balkan Forum 2024:

Rosatom’s chief negotiates in Hungary

The first concrete foundation piles for the Paks nuclear power plant expansion will be set into the ground by the end of the year, Péter Szijjártó […]

Shocking: Hungary lost hundreds of EUR millions on the Russian gas business

Instead of buying the cheapest gas on the global market, the opposite is true. #Russia #ViktorOrbán #Putin #gas #energy #money #crisis

Hungary and Türkiye sign new agreement for the most extensive energy cooperation ever

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his delegation arrive in Hungary:

Socialists: the public gas supplier cannot temporarily “steal” its customers’ money

#MSZP: "Your money is being used for free by the "Fidesz state" for months"