Expats in Hungary


Hungary Ranks as the Easiest Nation to Move to, and Brits Know it

The Brits are on the move, and Hungary’s easy access might convince a bunch of them to settle here.

Russians and Chinese treat Hungary’s property market as an investment platform

In the Hungarian property market, Chinese and Russian citizens were the most active buyers in 2023. #property #realestate #China #Russia #business

What Are The Job Prospects For English Speakers In Hungary?

Flourishing economy presents a lot of opportunities for English speakers in Hungary:

Expats in Budapest: 7 free programmes for the spring

Are you an expat in Budapest looking for programmes that do not require speaking Hungarian? Our recommendation will keep you entertained this spring! #expats #programmeguide #spring #free #food #music #culture

Why are middle-class Chinese moving to Hungary and do they speak English there?

The migration of middle-class Chinese families to Hungary represents a fascinating chapter in a globalized world:

OIC delegates gather for iftar in Budapest – Photos

In the heart of Christian-majority Hungary, the Islamic ritual of iftar, marking the breaking of the Ramadan fast, is a less common sight. Yet this ancient […]

Breaking: Hungarian one-day motorway vignette’s official date and price out

Finally official: here is when the brand new one-day motorway vignette will be out in Hungary and how much it will cost. #motorway #vignette #toll #travel

Performances with English subtitles at Vígszínház from March

Vígszínház: stage adaptations of internationally well-known titles promise an exciting experience for foreigners living in Hungary and tourists visiting our country.

Hungary’s most popular university degrees among foreigners

What do the numbers say about Hungarian education? Let's see how many people come to Hungary for the sake of learning and what field they chose. #university #foreigners #study #immigrants

PHOTO: Oscar-winning British actor visits Budapest

Budapest is a place many celebrities love to visit – and revisit. #budapest #celebrity #actor #café

New Orbán cabinet restriction: you cannot work in 300 jobs in Hungary as a foreigner!

The Hungarian government banned foreign employees from more than 300 jobs in Hungary and reduced the number of guest worker permits. #government #economy #labourshortage

Interior ministry: Western Europeans move to Hungary because of migrants

According to Bence Rétvári, their motivation was to find security and safe conditions in public domains. #europe #migration #expats

Hungary 10th in Europe on Digital Nomad Visa Index!

Visaguide.world has published its Digital Nomad Visa Index. Hungary has made it to the top ten in Europe and it's in 18th place globally. #digitalnomad #work #europe

Number of foreign workers in Hungary booms

Surprising findings show the exponential growth of foreign workers in Hungary. What effect will this have on the Hungarian economy? #expats #job #labourmarket

Latest census data unveils Budapest’s foreign population

From Chinese and Ukrainians to various other nationalities, the latest census data offers a glimpse into the diverse population of Budapest. #budapest #expats #population

Why do German pensioners flood Hungary? – VIDEO

The Hungarian crew of the Deutsche Welle interviewed some Germans who have been living in Hungary for quite a while now. #Hungary #Germans #migration

Hungarian student discount application now available for international students!

A game-changer for international students in Hungary. #study #international #discount

The ultimate freshman’s guide to Budapest

Here is a little freshman's guide to help you get prepared for university life in Budapest. #education #universitylife #studyabroad #highereducation

Official: Coach of national football team Marco Rossi acquires Hungarian citizenship

Marco Rossi, coach of the Hungarian national football team, was granted Hungarian citizenship on 3 October, Tuesday afternoon. #marcorossi #football #coach #citizenship

Hungarian government to tighten labour laws

Companies must first try to fill all jobs with Hungarians, and will only be allowed to employ foreigners if that is not possible. #labour #workforce #government