Siemens’ new plant inaugurated in Hungary

Foreign minister Péter Szijjártó said that the new investments by Siemens Energy "are of special significance" in Hungary. #Siemens #Germany #investment

Hungarian minister Nagy meets German industry representatives

"Germany is Hungary's most important trading partner"

Hungary’s government rejects pressure on energy policy

Global Energy Security Talks conference, Tkyo, Japan:

Hungary’s Minister of Economy talks about cooperation between Hungary and the German automotive industry

Cooperation between Hungary and the German automotive industry played a decisive role in this, he said. #Germany #economy #EUpresidency #Márton Nagy

German software company Evosoft invests €8.7 million in a new R&D project in Hungary

German-owned software developer Evosoft is investing 3.4 billion forints (EUR 8.7m) into a new R and D project developing the effectiveness of installing production lines:

Representatives of the Bavarian Christian Social Union in Budapest

"Bavaria is Hungary's primary trading partner in Germany"

German investors fed up with Orbán’s policies: will they leave Hungary?

The Hungarian government wants foreign companies to leave certain sectors - German investors are not happy. #germany #scholz #audi #mercedes #bmw #rheinmetall #investment #orbán

Surprising: German companies push for euro in Hungary – will PM Orbán introduce it?

Will the Orbán cabinet introduce the euro? #euro #orbángovernment #government #germany

The world opens up with 141 destinations: new planes from this Hungarian international airport

New planes will carry passengers from this Hungarian international airport: you may reach 141 additional destinations from their destination. #lufthansa #bmw #debrecen #airbus #travel #tourism #munich

Hungarian economy minister Nagy meets German counterpart in Berlin 🔄

Márton Nagy, Hungary's national economy minister, has met with Robert Habeck, Germany's minister of economic affairs and climate change:

Hungarian minister had talks with top German company leaders

Márton Nagy, the national economy minister, and a delegation from his ministry is traveling to Germany for talks with German top managers. #audi #mercedes #bmw #visit #germany #government #economy

Mercedes plant expansion in Hungary progressing on schedule

The expansion of the Mercedes facilities in Kecskemét, in central Hungary, is progressing according to schedule. Details HERE:

Fidesz: Brussels applies double standards to Hungary and Germany

András Gyürk said that a response from an EP official to his inquiry concerning a tax imposed by Germany on exports of natural gas to other countries has revealed the "double standards applied by Brussels". #fidesz #energy #germany #europeanunion

Groundbreaking ceremony for defence giant Rheinmetall in Hungary – photos

"German company #Rheinmetall is known as a defence investor, and the project is linked to the defence industry, it goes beyond it." #szeged

Hungarian stand at Leipzig Book Fair 2024: German editions of recent titles to be showcased

Hungary will present the German edition of titles published over the past years at its own stand at the prestigious Leipzig Book Fair between 21-24 March. #book #art #germany #bookfair

Michelin’s Hungarian factory enters from the Age of Steam to the Electrical Age

The sports car tire factory #Michelin is modernizing its curing equipment by replacing the existing steam presses with electric ones, and...

PHOTOS: Breathtaking hotel awarded title of Hungary’s Leading Luxury Hotel 2024

The unique hotel houses Budapest's only champagne bar and 110 individually designed rooms, including 18 suites and 2 presidential suites. #hotel #WorldTravelAwards #budapest #berlin #award

More Lufthansa flights cancelled between Budapest and Germany, strike on Tuesday and Wednesday

There is no end in sight to flight cancelling in Germany:

Delays expected: German rail strike to affect trains running via Hungary

Rail strike in Germany - travellers are seriously affected: Germany just stopped striking at Lufthansa, now starts at Deutsche Bahn

German rail disruptions expected due to strike, Hungarian trains affected

Several international trains departing from or arriving in Hungary are expected to have longer running times from Wednesday to Friday. #germany #strike #railway #travel #train