Government: Hungary plans to set up one of Europe’s best healthcare systems

The interior minister highlighted improvements in Hungarian healthcare since the ministry took over the coordination of the sector's tasks. #healthcare #government

We show you the areas with the worst drinking water supply in Hungary

The drinking water quality was poor in 1,076 locations, a 34% incidence. #wateer #drink #survey #health

Bird flu detected in SE Hungary

H5N1 has already appeared in several counties:

Budapest faces record high rat infestations

Budapest is battling with an unprecedented rat invasion.

New Hungarian children’s drink debuts with surprising benefits

The well-known energy drink manufacturer Hell Energy plans to introduce a new line of kid-friendly beverages. But what makes it stand out? #hell #drink #children

Budapest’s newest orchard ready to welcome visitors

This is how Budapest enriches green spaces while also addressing social and environmental needs.

Hungarian hospitals in sky-high debt: serious medicine shortage may come

Hungarian hospitals in a shambles: they may run out of medicine due to the healthcare sectors' sky-high debt #medicine #health #healthcare #government

Hungarian President: Demographic Roundtable aimed to increase population

Problems of a shrinking population could be "logically" remedied by "importing the necessary labour, relying in immigration rather than on promoting childbirth," Katalin Novák said. #Hungariangovernment #Europe

Hungarian companies becoming more future-conscious

Hungarian companies are becoming more future-conscious; however, their motivation is different from that of foreign companies. #company #future #nature #energy #environment

Rapid deterioration: Barely a quarter of Hungarian forests healthy

As unbelievable as it sounds, only 3% of black pines and 6.5% of pedunculate oaks are healthy. #tree #forest #nature #environment #health

Deadly virus in Hungary again

Strict measures enter into effect #health #animal #government

British national commits suicide due to botched Hungarian dental work

Clive Worthington, a man from Essex, then 66, had travelled from the UK to Hungary for dental implants, but things turned out horrendously. #Hungary #dentist #tragic

Important change in Hungarian ambulance service

Keep these changes in mind just in case you need to call for an ambulance in Hungary in the future. #ambulance #health #healthcare

Major charity concert by Medic Orchestra: band of Semmelweis University medical students

The symphony orchestra of Semmelweis University will donate all proceeds from concert tickets to Tábitha House, Hungary's only dedicated palliative children's hospice care facility. #concert #charity #health #children #art #semmelweis

Orbán meets Nobel laureate Krausz: here is what they discussed

PM Orbán and several members of the government met Nobel Prize winning scientist Ferenc Krausz for talks on Wednesday. #nobel #physics #health #research

Saline thermal water boasts a myriad of benefits, here’s where to find it in Hungary

If you are suffering from inflammatory or musculoskeletal issues, you should check out these saline thermal baths! #baths #health #thermalwater

Depressing report: Hungary mortality rate second highest globally

Hungary has the highest cancer mortality rate in the index, the highest rate of lung disease deaths, and places second for deaths from both strokes and liver disease. #mortality #disease #health

World’s largest endometriosis study needs your help!

Researchers from Semmelweis University, Budapest, are on a mission to speed up the diagnosis of endometriosis, the debilitating disease that affects nearly 200 million women worldwide.

Hungarian FM: Global health-care cooperation must be totally depoliticized

"One of these lessons we have to learn is that all those strategic capacities might look like useless under normal circumstances, but under emergency circumstances they can save lives," Szijjártó said.

Shifting between life and death: the story of Botond

The struggle of Botond who laid helpless in an Indian hospital for twenty hours, shifting between life and death. #fundraising #good cause #healthcare #robotic therapy