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PHOTOS: Hungarian language university in Slovakia celebrates 20th anniversary

The university is "not only the top of (Hungarian) schools in Slovakia, it is at the same time a stronghold of the culture of local Hungarians," Árpád János Potápi, state secretary in charge of ethnic Hungarian communities, said. #hungarians #slovakia #university #school #education

Students in Hungary in deep trouble: financial struggles are immense

It's common for Hungarian students to juggle work alongside their university studies. However, the recent statistics reveal a concerning trend.. #Students #Education #Work

Detailed Edubirdie Review from Experts

Is the Edubirdie platform safe? Yes, it is safe.  Due to its consistent performance, the platform is highly rated. Its platform is practical, allowing students to interact with writers.

Hungarians to develop AI based traffic control system

The new system will be able to predict the intensity of future traffic and forecast potential congestions using artificial intelligence. #traffic #ai #Japan #turkiye

Hungarian leftist opposition supports infringement of the rights of Hungarian students, researchers and professors?

Momentum Movement has to choose, Fidesz politicians believe #Momenutm #EuropeanParliament #highereducation #government

Unbelievable: rental prices sky-high in Budapest, here is why

Is your landlord happy with an increase smaller than last year's official inflation of 17.6%? #rents #rental #rentalmarket #inflation #budapest

University Awards Gala and Media Ball: Széchenyi István University recognizes its best – PHOTO GALLERY

Three students, one lecturer and one alumnus of Széchenyi István University were honoured at the University Awards Gala and Media Ball. The University Hall was packed for the prestigious event. #university #award #győr

Orbán cabinet: the European Parliament robbed Hungarian researchers and young people

The European Parliament "robbed Hungarian researchers and young people" of the opportunity to participate in Erasmus and Horizon, the justice minister said #EuropeanParliament #EP #Horizon #Erasmus #Orbángovernment

President Novák discusses important issues with EC President von der Leyen – PHOTOS

Novák and von der Leyen met on the World Economic Forum in Davos. #president #europeancommission #politics

Success! Hungarian university moves up two places in new ranking

Do you plan to study in Hungary? #BME #Budapest #ranking #technicaluniversity

Erasmus program in Hungary saved? Unexpected help from the European Parliament

Help to save the Erasmus program in Hungary comes unexpectedly: will the European Parliament convince the European Commission? #EC #EuropeanUnion #highereducation #Erasmus

Orbán cabinet calls for cooperation between government and local authorities

So far, the Hungarian government has made it impossible for opposition local governments to operate, but now it is calling for cooperation...

Hungarian team wins silver medal at one of the world’s most prestigious MBA competitions

Great success, congratulations to the Hungarian Team

Most Hungarian universities excluded from the EU’s international research support program

Here is the Orbán government's alternative for the foundation-run Hungarian universities. #university #Horizon #Erasmus #EU #highereducation #research

Hungarian universities to host 2024 European Universities Games

The 2024 European Universities Games (EUG) will be hosted by Hungarian top universities #Debrecen #Miskolc #sport #university #EUG

Hungarian professor among the world’s top 10 public procurement researchers

Tünde Tátrai, a professor at the Corvinus University of Budapest, is one of the world's most prominent authors on public procurement. #CorvinusUniversity #highereducation

Uniform pay hikes needed in Hungarian education

"A well-deserved and substantial rise should cover all staff in education before the end of 2024." #education #teachers #money

Hungarian researcher joins Chinese Academy of Sciences as first Hungarian foreign member

Scientific relations between Hungary and China are tied stronger as the Chinese Academy of Sciences elects Gábor Stépán, BME’s professor as foreign member. #China #science #academy

Calvinist university city to be built in Budapest’s heart

The new campus of the Károli Gáspár Calvinist University will be in the heart of Budapest's downtown, close to the Semmelweis University. #KRE #Semmelweis #highereducation #development #Budapest

Govt launching support for intl exchange programmes in higher education

At least one Hungarian university should be among the top 100 universities by 2030 and at least three should be among the top 100 European higher education institutions, Balázs Hankó said. #highereducation