Fancy buying a castle in Hungary on a budget? Here’s your opportunity – PHOTOS

You can even buy a castle for the price of a car. #castles #construction #realestate

Short history of Lake Balaton: the golden age of Balatonfüred

We revisit a chapter from the lake's past: the flourishing of Balatonfüred, one of its central towns.

Thanks to Hungary’s support, Benedictine monastery rebuilt in Norcia elevated to abbey rank

The Hungarian government supported the rebuilding of a 10th-century Benedictine monastery in Italy. #Italy #Benedictine #monastery #abbey

New animation reveals what Buda looked like during the Turkish occupation – VIDEO

Embark on a journey and travel back in time! #Turkishera #occupation #Buda #history #animation

Sensational find: Hungarian archaeologists find communion set and hidden medieval treasures – PHOTOS

Check out some photos of the exceptional finds below! #archaeology #finds #excavation #history

Proud, mistrustful, belittling: this is how Romanians saw Hungarians in the past

Do you think these stereotypes about Hungarians from Romanian history still exist today?

Prostitutes and secret clauses: 5+1 perplexing myths about the Treaty of Trianon

Have you ever heard these misconceptions that surround the Treaty of Trianon?

Shocking discovery: Long-lost Hungarian church found under tennis court – PHOTOS

The Hungarian church located in Visegrád had been lost for over 500 years! #church #history #Hungarianhistory #Visegrád

Happy news: 110-year-old nostalgia boat returns to Lake Balaton – PHOTOS

See the historic nostalgia boat in its renewed glory below! #bahart #balaton #boat #history

Hungary’s sporting stars: Icons of the past and present

Do you know any of these amazingly talented people? #Athletes #Past #Present #Icons #Sport

Saint George’s Day in Hungary: folklore about witches and customs related to the beginning of spring

Saint George’s Day: from putting the animals out to graze to witches and hexes. Here is the Hungarian folklore related to this day.

Princess Diana visited Budapest 34 years ago – but could not buy a souvenir?

Princess Diana visited Hungary twice in the 1990s. During both, she was greeted with huge fanfare and love from Hungarians. #princessdiana #history

Király Thermal Bath: the iconic spa may regain its pomp with Turkish help – PHOTOS

The Király Thermal Bath in Buda is deemed a national treasure, yet it languishes in a state of disrepair so dire that it has remained closed to visitors for years. Now, the spa may finally undergo a much-needed rejuvenation.

Holocaust Remembrance Day: President Sulyok spoke about his father’s Nazi past

President Tamás Sulyok, marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day at a ceremony held in Parliament on Tuesday, said paying tribute to the victims was also “an expression […]

Hungary’s sweet secrets: 5 irresistible treats you must try!

Hungary has a rich history of delicious treats with some being recognized globally. Here are 5 of the most-loved Hungarian sweets. Which one have you tried? #Sweets #Treats #Candy #Chocolate #Try

From foreign hands to Hungarian hearts: Famous Boci chocolate returns home!

After three decades, the iconic confectionery and chocolate brand Boci will soon return to Hungarian ownership. #Boci #Chocolate #Nestlé

Discover the hidden gems: Must-watch top-rated Hungarian series

It is time to turn our attention inward and delve into the outstanding series emerging from Hungary today. Let's explore the top 5 highest-rated Hungarian series on IMDb, which are available on streaming platforms. #Series #IMDB #Top5 #Must #Watch

Hungarian ancestry unveiled: Fascinating study links ancient Hungarians to Hun warriors

An international archaeogenetic research has without a doubt established that Hungarians are direct descendants of the formidable Hun warriors. Here are the details of the study. #Huns #Warriors #Lineage #History #Ancestry

Renovation of the Esterházy Castle dubbed ‘Hungarian Versailles’ reaches new milestone – PHOTOS

The ongoing renovations of the Esterházy Castle have reached another major milestone. See photos of the project here.

Land Day in Budapest: tree planting at Palestinian Embassy

This year, the Land Day has been held in Budapest at the Palestinian Embassy. #LandDay #Palestine #embassy #Budapest