Hungarian govt: we have “worked to make life easier also for the elderly”

Fidesz says they have cut household utility prices, reset the economy and provided vaccines for the elderly first 🧓👵🇭🇺 #elderly #pension #family #hungarians #hungary #dailynewshungary

Official: Orbán cabinet committed to building ‘family-centered child protection’

"23,000 Hungarian children were currently receiving child protection services, noting that 70 percent of them were living with foster parents."

Are you earning below the average salary in Hungary?

This is how much full-timers earned monthly in Hungary. The average gross wage in the business sector, which includes state-owned companies, rose by 6.3 percent...

Almost half of Hungarians get fringe benefits, survey shows

About 46 percent of employed Hungarians regularly get non-wage compensation

Number of women smoking, diagnosed with lung cancer up in Hungary

⚠️ The rise of smokers is alarming in Hungary ⚠️

Check out which Hungarian cities are the most expensive

Even during the pandemic, the real estate sector is booming ?? #realestate #price #houses #homes #living #hungary #dailynewshungary