Hungarian Bankholding


CIG Pannónia Group and the Hungarian Bankholding Group sign 20-year strategic cooperation agreement

CIG Pannónia Group has signed a 20-year strategic cooperation framework agreement with Hungarian Bankholding member banks, MKB Bank Nyrt., Takarékbank Zrt. and Budapest Bank Zrt., creating […]

Superbank is coming: the central bank of Hungary approved the merger of Budapest Bank and MKB Bank

The MNB (acting as the central bank of Hungary) approved the next significant step of the merger schedule of Hungarian Bankholding:

Analysts lower Hungarian GDP growth forecast in 2022

They did it because of the semiconductor shortage 📉🇭🇺 #statistics #economy #gdp #hungary #dailynewshungary

Could the emerging Hungarian superbank conquer the financial market?

Three existing Hungarian banks will merge into one new superbank 🏦💰🇭🇺 #bank #finance #money #stockexchange #market #hungary #dailynewshungary

Budapest Bank and MKB will merge under MKB Bank Plc. name in the spring of 2022

The banking group the second largest market player in Hungary in terms of balance sheet total: