Hungarian parliament


Does Xi Jinping’s visit pose national security threat to Hungary?

"How is it possible that, at the behest of the Chinese government, so-called volunteers in red baseball caps harassed a parliamentary representative, Márton Tompos of Momentum, who wanted to fix an EU flag on a bridge?" #china #threat #sovereignty

Official: Law on Mini Dubai project in Budapest adopted

Do you agree with this giga property project that is planned to be realised at the Rákosrendező railway station's site in Budapest? #budapest #investment #uae #property

PM Orbán’s parliamentary group leader: foreign financiers trying to install pro-war left-wing government in Hungary

Do you agree with Fidesz parliamentary group leader Máté Kocsis? #mátékocsis #leftwing #war #ukraine #parliament #2024elections

Deputy Speaker of Hungarian Parliament is in Mongolia

Sándor Lezsák, the deputy speaker of parliament, attended the 2nd annual Trans-Altai Sustainability Dialogue on Thursday and Friday. #sándorlezsák #deputyspeaker #mongolia #visit

Fidesz submits another package of laws in child protection

Are real problems addressed though? #childprotection #fidesz #law

According to Hungarian House Speaker Kövér, Europe lags behind global competitors

According to László Kövér, "most Europeans are worse off than five years ago". Do you agree with him? #housespeaker #europe

PACE: ‘CoE ignores own principle in connection with Kosovo’s membership’, says Hungarian politican

#PACE: "Since the Council of Europe ignores its own principles in connection with Kosovo's accession to the body, Hungary cannot support a related proposal." #CoE #Fidesz

Holocaust Remembrance Day: President Sulyok spoke about his father’s Nazi past

President Tamás Sulyok, marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day at a ceremony held in Parliament on Tuesday, said paying tribute to the victims was also “an expression […]

Socialist lawmaker loses immunity: bribe investigation continues

Parliament suspended the immunity of Socialist lawmaker Zsolt Molnár over ongoing investigations of graft and trade in influence. #mp #parliament #bribe #crime #immunity

Parliament extends state of emergency in Hungary, adopts multiple pacts

State of emergency prolonged for months in Hungary #parliament #government #diplomacy

Staggering: Hungarian Parliament may ban Coca-Cola, Speaker seems to support the initiative

The Hungarian Parliament may ban Coca-Cola and Speaker László Kövér, one of the strongmen of Orbán's Fidesz, seems to support the initiative #cocacola #fidesz #parliament #mihazánk

Will Hungary ban energy drinks to all?

PM Orbán holds a supermajority, and the relevant bill has already been submitted. #parliament #energydrink #bill #law #KDNP

Hungarian Left “going against the Hungarian interest” in Brussels?

Parliament's European affairs committee has voted to launch a probe into political actions by Hungary's leftist MEPs. #eu #europeanunion #parliament #2024elections

Venice Commission examines Hungary’s sovereignty protection law

The Venice Commission said on Tuesday that it had examined Hungary's law on sovereignty protection, , details HERE:

Hungarian central bank outraged on the Orbán cabinet’s new Central Bank Act

Hungary's central bank (NBH) has said amendments to the Central Bank Act drafted by the Finance Ministry would impair its independence #centralbank #bank #government

Hungarian foreign affairs committee head meets Finnish counterpart

"Finland is extremely sensitive to Russia's aggression"

Prestigious Esterházy Award presented in the Hungarian Parliament

You may receive the Esterházy Award provided you promoted the cause of the Hungarian nation #award #parliament

Hungarian central bank signs cooperation agreement with Mongolian watchdog

The agreement covers, among other things, information and knowledge exchange between the authorities, carrying out joint research projects... #mongolia #nationalbank #bank #cooperation

Hungarian President Sulyok signs ratification of Sweden’s NATO accession

Sweden and all NATO member countries celebrate the first decision of the Hungarian President

Influence peddling: Hungarian Prosecutor General requests suspension of immunity of opposition MP

A huge bribery scandal is unfolding. #bribery #influencepeddling #crime #politics