Hungary's Finance Ministry


Hungary’s finance minsitry: huge budget deficit of €5.9 billion in March

The Hungarian budget is not in a very good shape. The government has set itself a budget deficit target for the coming years:

Hungarian Finance Minister meets Chinese counterpart in Beijing

Finance Minister Mihály Varga has met Lan Fo’an, his Chinese counterpart, in Beijing, the finance ministry said in a statement on Tuesday. “Efforts in the past […]

Hungarian budget has collapsed in two months, the deficit is already huge

Only two months of figures for the year and already the Hungarian budget is in trouble...

Hungary’s Finance Ministry: 2025 budget planning underway

The Hungarian government was committed to reducing the budget deficit and the public debt to ensure sustainable growth:

Hungarian finance minister: Previously blocked EU funds continue to arrive

The Hungarian economy is in very serious trouble, with inflation and a weakening forint. This is how Finance Minister Varga sees the situation:

OECD: Hungary economy to return to sustainable growth path in 2024 – PHOTOS

Finance Minister Mihály Varga said that employment would remain high and unemployment low. #economy #finance #oecd

Hungary’s economy minister admits inability to keep deficit below target by 2024 🔄

It seems that the deficit below 3 percent was just a dream, the Hungarian government cannot keep it low

Important and positive figures from the Hungarian Ministry of Finance

The Hungarian Ministry of Finance came out with important and positive figures, which is welcome compared to last year's disastrous year

Orbán cabinet miscalculated by EUR 3.1 billion, budget deficit has become brutal in 2023

Government admits clear failure of 2023 budget in Hungary - final figures confirmed

Hungarian FinMin: 2024 the year of boosting growth

Mihály Varga said Hungary was one of only 16 EU countries last year to reduce its public debt-to-GDP ratio. #Hungarianeconomy #GDP

Minister: Hungary to be among winners of green transition

Hungary has the financial means "to make the country a winner of the global economic green transition," Mihály Varga said. #green #economy #nature #environment #climate

Hungary’s economic fundamentals stable and strong, finance minister says

Hungary's recession was "far from a crisis" as it didn't produce a wave of unemployment, Mihály Varga said. #economy #finance #recession

Hungarian economy back on growth track, finance minister says

Hungary's economic prospects are heartening, with growth estimated at 3-4 percent in 2024, the finance minister said. #economy #inflation #finance

Fidesz: Hungary using EU funds effectively

Tibor Navracsics thanked the European Commission for the timely disbursement of the funds, and saying it had contributed to "Hungary becoming more liveable and competitive". #EuriopeanCommission #EU

Hungary supports more disciplined EU fiscal policy

The budget deficit and debt of EU members have considerably increased due to the coronavirus pandemic and the war, which call for a reform of community rules, Mihály Varga said. #EU #HungarianFInanceMinister

Hungarian finance minister: Let EU member states preserve their economic sovereignty

Mihály Varga said Hungary, like other countries, wanted to steer its economy back onto a stable pre-pandemic growth path. #economy #luxembourg #europeanunion

Hungarian tax system remain competitive despite global minimum tax?

Hungary must incorporate the GMT into its legal system by January 1, 2024, but...

Forint unable to stand up: Despite good news, rapid weakening continues

Despite continuous good news for the forint, the Hungarian currency is weakening rapidly. #forint #currency #euro

Hungarian finance minister: We need to think about the introduction of the euro

Incredibly, with a very large majority of the Hungarian population in favour of the euro, the government may be moving in the same direction:

Budapest court rejects mayor’s lawsuit, city appeals

Budapest is "required to pay a solidarity contribution totalling HUF 57.8 billion (EUR 154.6 million) to poorer localities". #hungary #dailynewshungary #budapest #court