United Nations must multiply counter-terrorism resources, says Hungarian foreign minister in NY

The United Nations must multiply its resources spent on counter-terrorism, the minister of foreign affairs and trade said on Thursday.

Czech government backs down, only the Orbán government vetoes EU sanctions against Israel

Once again the Orbán cabinet is on its own and can use the veto to achieve its goals #EU #Sanctions #Hamas #Israel #War

EU had proven ineffective in moving the war in Ukraine towards peace, says Minister Szijjártó in NY

Hungarian diplomacy takes a completely different approach to the war in Ukraine and conflicts in Palestine:

Hungary against sanctioning Israel

Now is "definitely not the time" for the European Union to heed calls to sanction Israeli settlers, the Hungarian foreign minister said #Israel #sanctions #EU #EuropeanUnion #conflict #war

Hungarian minister: Hungary wants to see Europe recognise Israel’s right to protect itself

Do you think Israel has a right to defend itself? #Israel #Palestine #war

Pressure to satisfy expectations behind latest EU sanctions package, says Hungarian FM Szijjártó

If we could get a guarantee that Ukraine would stop discriminating against Hungarian companies and causing them problems by adding them to the list of international sponsors of the war without reason and without justification, then...

Hungarian Foreign Minister: Israel’s goal of destroying Hamas is not only understandable, but legitimate

While Israel can fight for peace through war, Ukraine should lay down its arms for peace. Does that make sense to everyone?

Breaking: Wizz Air resumes flights between Budapest and Tel Aviv

Israeli flights return to the airline's Hungarian schedule. #israel #wizzair #budapest #telaviv

Palestinians slam Hungary’s standpoint concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

You may read the unchanged statement of the embassy of the state of Palestine below. #Palestine #Israel #war

Hungary condemns legal attack launched against Israel

Accusing a country that has suffered a terrorist attack of committing genocide is obviously nonsense, the foreign minister said #foreignminister #government #Israel #terrorism #TheHague #court

PHOTOS: Budapest downtown square renamed October 7 Square

Theodor Herzl Square in front of the Dohany Street Synagogue has been renamed October 7 Square for two weeks in memory of the Hamas attack #Budapest #Israel #Hamas

Wizz Air still not flying to Israel

While Wizz Air's decision appears sensible, it stands in contrast to several major European airlines set to resume flights to Tel Aviv in the upcoming weeks. #WizzAir #Israel

FM Szijjártó holds discussion with Israeli minister

Péter Szijjártó, the minister of foreign affairs and trade, talked with Ron Dermer, Israel's minister of strategic affairs, on Monday. #israel #palestine #politics #war

Hungarian national victim of the October Hamas attack revealed

The man, a Hungarian national, was immediately killed by the terrorists, but his family was also attacked... #palestine #gaza #hamas #israel

Government working on the release of 2 more Hungarian hostages

#Hamas has made it clear that only women and children would be released for now, and...

Fidesz: Time to review school teaching on anti-Semitism

"National and international socialism was allied with anti-Semitism" #fidesz #strasbourg #israel #antisemitism #eu

Hungarian government demands release of Hamas’s Hungarian hostages – UPDATE

"We demand that #Hamas release the hostages and that the international community do everything it can to secure their release"

Latest poll: Hungarians worry about Islamist terrorism and sympathise with Israel

Could #Islamist #terrorism resurface in Europe in the near future? Hungarians think so #palestine #israel #middleeast #survey

Israeli national football team relocates matches to Hungary

The Israeli national football team will be moving its home games to the Pancho Arena in Felcsút, Hungary. #Israel #Pancho #football #soccer

Palestine Ambassador to Hungary: Would wrongdoings be compatible with democracy?

The course of the events taking place in Palestine and on its people, is the antitheses of law and freedom, the Palestine ambassador wrote #Palestine #Israel #war #civilians