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Hungarian businessman to own one of Romania’s largest telecoms companies

Romania's richest Hungarian businessman prepares for another big deal:

Understand how better it is to use a proxy server

The proxy server will give you privacy and security that can improve your access and performance to visit any website

Intelligent Search: What Is It?

Keep reading to explore how intelligent search redefines our expectations and interactions with information retrieval systems in the digital age.

Going into space: First Hungarian mass-produced satellite could be in orbit in a few years

Could Hungary make its mark on the space industry with mass-produced satellites soon? #space #satellites

Senior Microsoft executives visits Hungary – UPDATE

Péter Szijjártó, the minister of foreign affairs and trade, said on Monday after meeting senior Microsoft executives that Hungary’s economy is ready for a paradigm shift […]

NATO to expand innovation network in Hungary

@NATO's DIANA innovation program is expanding its network with new sites in Hungary

Charting the Course: proxy checker as the Compass of the Digital Frontier

he proliferation of proxy use for achieving anonymity, circumventing geo-restrictions, and securing internet connections underscores the essential nature of proxy testers.

The Contributions of HTML to Online Culture

Hypertext markup language, more commonly known as HTML, is the code behind every webpage you visit. This collection of standards and technology has been around since […]

Redefining Rugged: The Rise of Industrial Android Tablets in Manufacturing

The rise of industrial Android tablets in manufacturing marks a significant shift towards smarter, more efficient operations. These rugged devices are not just surviving...

Submarine data cable from Hungary to Egypt

4iG chief Gellért Jaszai said the two companies could obtain a large share of the data communications market between Europe, Asia, and east Africa through the new project. #informationtechnology #Egypt

Hungarian government introduces new law for companies with foreign workers

This is controversial, as the Hungarian government has just taken action to protect Hungarian jobs, following reports that several manufacturing companies are moving into Hungary and are laying off Hungarian workers while employing workers from the Far East. #Hungariangovernment #informationtechnology #work #guestworkers #law

You can now explore this Hungarian region through a virtual tour

What are your thoughts on exploring Hungary through virtual tours? 🌐✨ #virtualreality #virtual #tour #experience

Hungarian food-saving app aims to conquer Europe

Have you ever heard about Munch, a groundbreaking Hungarian food-saving app? #tech #app #food #waste

The Evolution of Human-Computer Interaction: Shaping the Future of Connectivity

The evolution of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) goes beyond the tangible devices and interfaces we interact with daily

Budapest universities hosted the world’s most promising young computer scientists

The IOI Study Camp is an event of the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), which hosts the best Olympians #informationtechnology #tech #university #ELTE #NJE

Global IT services centre opened in Debrecen

German discount chain Aldi has set up a global IT services centre in Debrecen, in eastern Hungary #aldi #debrecen #food #it

Hungarian government signs important economic cooperation agreements in China – UPDATE

The agreements signed on Monday are aimed at bolstering cooperation in the areas of:

Hungarian student robotics team wins silver in Singapore

Hungharian success at FIRST Global Challenge international robotics competition in Singapore: @MCC_Budapest @F1RSTglobal

Vodafone Hungary enhances connectivity with VoWiFi service

To improve connectivity and communication, Vodafone Hungary has recently made its VoWiFi service available to virtually all customers. #vodafone #internet #telecommunication #telcom #telcomnews

Hungarian Competition Authority launches procedure against Microsoft!

The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) has launched a probe into Microsoft's practices regarding the AI-based chat function of its search engine Bing. #Microsoft #GVH #dailynewshungary