International Mother Language Day marked in Hungary

Barna Pál Zsigmond said that the issue was especially important to Hungarians. #motherlanguage #language #hungarian

Exclusive Interview with Hungarian TikTok Sensation Livi

In this exclusive interview, we delve into Hungarian TikTok sensation Livi's journey of turning quirky Hungarian idioms into viral videos and her experiences of growing up in the States with a foot in two different cultures 🇭🇺🇺🇸 #hungarian #hungariansabroad #TikTok #viral

VIDEO: British girl has a breakdown over Hungarian language

The Hungarian language can sound pretty odd to foreign people... #language #video #funny

VIDEO: Jane Fonda speaks Hungarian in this Netflix series

Have you ever heard the two-time Academy Award-winner Jane Fonda speak Hungarian? Here is your chance! #video #GraceandFrankie #Netflix #JaneFonda #Hollywood

VIDEO, PHOTOS: The world’s Easternmost Hungarian village by the Black Sea

Nestled a few kilometres from the Black Sea lies Ojtuz, where locals speak an archaic Hungarian dialect. Find out the reason why! #BlackSea #Romania #village #language

Arabic Language and Saudi Culture Day in Budapest

Arabic Language and Saudi Culture Day in Budapest, Hungary

Minister: Situation of national minorities in Hungary not affected by difficult ties to motherland

Hungary's Fundamental Law declares that the 13 indigenous national minority groups are part of the Hungarian state and have self-governments. #minorities #politics

Hungarians rank surprisingly high in English proficiency

What factors do you think contribute to Hungary's English proficiency success? 🌍📚 #language #english #hungarian #netherlands

Did the word “ogre” use to mean Hungarian?

Did the term "ogre" originate from Hungarian raids or is it a mythological twist? Share your thoughts in the comments! 🤔 #ogre #mythology #etymology

Philippine bus driver arrives in Budapest after an intensive Hungarian language course

Although the people of the Asian country are fluent in English, many Hungarians communicate only in their mother tongue.... #BKV #Phillipines #Budapest #transport

This is why Hungarian is the strangest language in Europe

"When we tell our history, the most important thing is to be authentic and, as we say, to convey the most up-to-date knowledge according to the current state of science," said documentary filmmaker Krisztián Bárány. #Hungarian #language #Europe #history

Ukrainian school principal to abolish rights of Hungarians: Hungarian language to be eliminated

In Ukraine, the new headmaster of a Transcarpathian secondary school wants to abolish the Hungarian language and Ukrainianise education. #Ukraine #education #Transcarpathia

These are the most difficult Hungarian words for foreigners to pronounce

What is the Hungarian word or expression that you struggle with the most? Let us know in the comments! #hungarian #language #difficult

Unique free language learning opportunity for foreigners in Budapest

Mira Ház is helping refugees and immigrants with integration by building a community in the Hungarian capital. They offer many programmes as well as free language classes.

Did you know? There is a common Hungarian word that will make every Englishman and American blush

This Hungarian word said out loud in public will make every Englishman and American blush. Can you guess which one we have in mind? #dailynewshungary #language #funny

Is Hungarian Europe’s least romantic language?

Do Hungarians stick to their language when it comes to love?

PHOTOS: Millenia-old charter with the oldest Hungarian text has been relocated

The Founding charter of the Abbey of Tihany contains the oldest written Hungarian words - check them out in our article #Hungary #History #language #dailynewshungary #exhibition

What are the best summer camps abroad?

No matter the age group, the language, the level and the acitivites, everyone can find a great summer programme to spend the summer in a useful, yet fun way.

Do you want to start learning Hungarian? Here are some basic expressions

Do you know these easy Hungarian expressions? #Hungary #Dailynewshungary #language #Hungarian #easy

Degree requirements at leading Hungarian university to be abolished

Professional organisations are concerned about the decision. #hungary #dailynewshungary #elte #university #language