Hungarian opposition LMP asks further questions about revamped Russian metro carriages

József Gál says that the revamped carriages without AC are "unbearable during the summer". #LMP #Budapest #metro #BKK

Hungarian opposition: We know how to replace Orbán’s regime

"We're not adventurers or political celebrities, but a solid left-wing force that wants a fair, just, European Hungary," Klára Dobrev said. #opposition #government #politics

Hungarian green party motions for stricter control of battery plants

Opposition #LMP has submitted a motion to parliament on tightening control over battery plants set up in Hungary:

Debate between Budapest mayoral candidates on the horizon? – UPDATE: 2024 EU election campaign started

Opposition LMP has called on Mayor Gergely Karácsony and Fidesz's Alexandra Szentkirályi to accept a debate with LMP's Dávid Vitézy. #lmp #fidesz #debate #mayor #2024municipalelections #elections

Hungarian green opposition party supports PM Orbán’s relative for Budapest’s mayor

LMP support Vitézy but will he accept it? #lmp #dávidvitézy #2024elections #budapest

Hungarian green party calls for guarantee for Hungary’s GMO-free status

Hungary to become GMO-free? Do you think it is a good idea? #gmo #agriculture #lmp

Audit Office finds opposition parties received illegal campaign financing

ASZ's report notes that the investigation had to be undertaken because accepting donations from abroad is illegal under Hungarian law. #ÁSZ #StateAuditOffice #Hungarianpolitics

Here is what PM Orbán did not talk about in his State of the Nation speech

Viktor Orbán has "failed to address the cardinal question: why the accomplice of a paedophile was granted a presidential pardon," DK said. Do you agree with them? #Orbán #stateofthenation #opposition

Opposition party urges boosting child protection in Hungary

The opposition LMP party has submitted a draft resolution to parliament aimed at reinforcing Hungary's child protection and welfare system. #LMP #children #family #government #parliament

Hungarian President will resign after paedophilia scandal?

Will the Hungarian President resign after this scandal? #President #parliament #lmp #párbeszéd #democraticcoalition

Government not to be allowed to build everywhere what they want?

No more priority investments in Hungary? #government #construction

Opposition unity in Budapest in grave danger: Orbán’s Fidesz will win back Budapest?

The opposition LMP party "wants to show that there could be an alternative political proposal to lead Budapest". #LMP #Budapest #municipalelections2024

LMP demands immediate payment increase to foster parents

Opposition LMP calls for immediately raising the pay of foster parents and adjusting their allowances to the rate of inflation #LMP

Hungarian opposition party submits referendum question concerning construction rules

Hungarian green opposition LMP has submitted another referendum question concerning construction rules in Hungary #lmp #referendum #construction

Opposition: Hungarian government again pointing fingers at Brussels

Why does a 32% teacher wage hike "depend on technical approval" by the EU, according to the government? #teachers #education #wage #money

Building insulation and energy upgrade scheme in Hungary?

The programme would have an annual budget of EUR 1.6 billion. #energy #economy

Hungarian opposition calls on govt to raise teachers’ wages from Jan 1

"The ball is now in the government's court," Antal Csárdi said, noting that it had to raise teachers' wages which would later be covered by the EU.... #education #LMP #EU

LMP: Orbán cabinet should do more to entice young people home

"Hungary will not see a "demographic turnaround" unless young people working abroad are offered attractive opportunities at home" #LMP

Hungarian opposition: Hungary GMO-free status at risk

If passed with a qualified majority, the legislation would scrap the labelling requirement of products, Erzsébet Schmuck said... #LMP

Government abuses ‘priority investment’ legal category? – UPDATED

The introduction of a legal category for priority investment in the national economy has been harmful because the government has been abusing it? #lmp #economy #government