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These are the sectors in which Hungary and Iran cooperate

The broad international sanctions imposed on Iran do not make economic and trade cooperation easy, Szijjártó said. #iran #sanctions #middleeast #cooperation

United Nations must multiply counter-terrorism resources, says Hungarian foreign minister in NY

The United Nations must multiply its resources spent on counter-terrorism, the minister of foreign affairs and trade said on Thursday.

Czech government backs down, only the Orbán government vetoes EU sanctions against Israel

Once again the Orbán cabinet is on its own and can use the veto to achieve its goals #EU #Sanctions #Hamas #Israel #War

Hungarian FM: World must do everything possible to prevent Middle East escalation

"We all know that Lebanon doesn't want a war, we understand that the Lebanese people don't want war . and we all know that the Lebanese government does not want war, either," Szijjártó said. #Lebanon #HungarianFM #MiddleEast

Hungarian foreign minister talked about the Hungarian Hamas hostages’ fate in Qatar

Qatar has so far played a crucial role in securing the release of the hostages taken by Hamas from Israel, Péter Szijjártó said #Qatar #Hamas #hostage #MiddleEast #Hungariangovernment

Hungarian FM: Genocide charge against Israel ‘nonsense’

"One of the goals of the attacks against Israel was clearly to stop that normalisation procedure, and to further poison relations in the Middle East," Péter Szijjártó said. #MiddleEast #PéterSzijjártó

One week shutdown at the Suzuki factory in Esztergom -UPDATE

@Suzuki faces several issues. The company is forced to shut down for a week

VIDEO, PHOTOS: Hungarian library opened in the United Arab Emirates

Thousands of Hungarians live in the United Arab Emirates #UAE #UnitedArabEmirates #culture #MiddleEast

Here is what the Orbán cabinet wants in the Middle East

The foreign minister talked about the issue yesterday #MiddleEast #war #PéterSzijjártó

These airlines may carry passengers from Budapest to Asian cities

New direct routes to Asian cities on the horizon from #Budapest #flight #travel #tourism #SouthKorea #Kuwait

Hungarian President talks about demographic ice age

Hungary's president met Shaikha Fatima bint Mubarak, the mother of the president of the United Arab Emirates #President #demography #visit #UnitedArabEmirates

Government wants to avoid escalation in the Middle East

The most important goal continues to be to avoid the escalation of the "worrying" situation in the Middle East, Péter Szijjártó said #MiddleEast #foreignminister #government

Hungarian minister also discussed EU enlargement and the situation in the Middle East in Vienna

János Bóka said the government would strive to cooperate with all member states as an "honest and impartial mediator". #Hungariangovernment #Austria #EU

Hungarian FM: Hungary, Guatemala together stand for Christian values

"The first Hungarian companies have arrived in the Guatemala market in the areas of health care, the food industry, and IT," Péter Szijjártó said. #Guatemala #economy #university

Hungarian President: Security key for Hungary

Answering a question about Sweden's NATO accession,Katalin Novák said it would "contribute to reinforcing NATO and increasing common security". #NATO #PresidentofHungary #EU #MiddleEast

The Egyptian pyramids came closer to Hungary: new Wizz Air flights

Wizz Air is continuously expanding in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and the new flights perfectly fit into that pattern. #WizzAir #travel #tourism #Wizz #Africa #Egypt

Hungarian plane exploded, widower struggles to bury his late wife

A Hungarian plane blew up and plunged into the sea. Mr László Németh wants to lay his late spouse to rest but he has received no help so far - here is his tragic story #plane #crash #catastrophy #tragedy #libanon

Hungarian FM: ‘Age of danger’, ‘humanity lurching from crisis to crisis’

A new world order is emerging following successive crises and the outcome is unknown, Péter Szijjártó said, "but it's almost certain Europe won't have a stronger role than previously." #Israel #Europe

Hungarian Foreign Minister: modern-day anti-Semitism has reared its head in western Europe

Hungary's position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

Ministry in constant touch with Hungarian citizens trapped in Gaza Strip

Hungarians want to leave the Gaza Strip, but they can't...