Hungarian government: Supporting Ukrainian minority in Hungary more important than ever before

According to State Secretary Boglárka Illés, supporting the Ukrainian minority in Hungary and the representation of their rights is more important than ever before. #ukraine #war #minority #government

Ukrainian-Hungarian Intergovernmental Consultation to review the situation of Hungarians in Transcarpathia

Focus on the rights of the Hungarians in Transcarpathia

PM Orbán receives head of Slovakia’s Hungarian Alliance party

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán received Krisztián Forró, the leader of Slovakia’s Hungarian Alliance party, in his office on Monday. Orbán and Forró discussed the Slovak presidential […]

Minister Szijjártó to OECD Secretary-General: We only ask Ukraine to respect nationalities, including Hungarians

Ukraine’s response to Hungary’s 11-point document on minority rights is not bringing closer the restoration of the Hungarian community’s rights to 2015 levels, the foreign minister […]

Meeting of Hungarian and Ukrainian foreign ministers held, with the Hungarian side asking for 11-point changes

The Hungarian Foreign Minister visited Transcarpathia, Ukraine, where he met his Foreign Minister counterpart:

Romanian PM Ciolacu: let’s forget the nonsense that Transylvania is not Romanian land

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu explained his vision of Hungarian-Romanian coexistence and warned that as the elections draw near, certain political forces may attempt to fracture the unity..

This is how Ukraine could become ‘a real European country’ according to State Secretary Németh

Here is Zsolt Németh's opinion. #ukraine #minorities #war #politics

Serbian elections 2023: Vučić’s party wins, Hungarian party remains in government

The Hungarian government has already congratulated after the Serbian elections: #vucic #sns #vmsz #serbia #vojvodina #vajdaság

Government: Ukraine’s new law far from restoring 2015 minority rights

The #Hungarian #government will "thoroughly examine" legislation passed by Ukraine's parliament on Friday, a foreign affairs official said #ukraine #law #minority

Is a disaster coming? Shocking decline of Hungarians living beyond the borders

Can this depopulation be stopped?

Ukraine to restore Hungarian minority’s language rights

The Ukrainians proposed a new draft law that would improve the situation of minorities living and studying in their country. #Ukraine #minority

Minister: Situation of national minorities in Hungary not affected by difficult ties to motherland

Hungary's Fundamental Law declares that the 13 indigenous national minority groups are part of the Hungarian state and have self-governments. #minorities #politics

The 2022 census results are out: here are the most important details

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office revealed the detailed results of the 2022 census concerning language, ethnicity and religion. #census #2022census #population #Hungarians

Jewish festival started in Budapest downtown: traffic changes significantly

Celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of the city of Budapest and joining the European Days of Jewish Culture got under way #Budapest #Jewish #festival #event

Panel discussion at Baile Tusnad focuses on indigenous minorities

Referring to Ukraine, Hidvéghi said "it is difficult to talk about protection for minorities" because that country has "strong endeavours to assimilate" its minorities.... #DailyNewsHungary #Fidesz #Hungary

Hungarian govt calls on Ukraine to ‘stop curbing’ Hungarian minority rights

Tamás Menczer also called on the European Union to put the issue on its agenda and "take meaningful steps"... #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary

Scythians may become a native ethnic minority in Hungary

Soon, there might be another recognised ethnic minority group in Hungary. #dailynewshungary #hungary #ethnic #minority #people #scythians

Ukraine has removed individual and community rights, says Hungarian minister

"We expect Ukraine to restore the individual and community rights that it has removed since 2015," Gergely Gulyás said. #hungary #dailynewshungary #ukraine #transcarpathia #minority

Brutal population decline: Hungarians are dropping like flies

The natural decrease is still huge in Hungary. The Hungarian population in Serbia also fell by a third. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #Serbia #minority

President demands that the rights of the Hungarian minority to be respected in Ukraine

The world is more and more aware of the voice of "women crying for peace", Hungarian President Katalin Novák said #Hungary #Hungarian #President #dailynewshungary #war #Ukraine