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Tension between the Hungarian government and the National Bank has flared up again

The tension between the government and the National Bank of Hungary has flared up again, this time about the Hungarian competitiveness strategy.

Possible 400 EUR/HUF exchange rate amid Hungarian central bank decisions

A surge in inflation, and a 400 EUR/HUF exchange rate is expected this year. #inflation #euro #forint #currency

Hungarian central bank cuts the base rate again

At its meeting today, the Monetary Council of the National Bank of Hungary cut the base rate by 50 basis points to 7.25%. During the one-year […]

PHOTOS: New, special forint coins issued in Hungary!

Two new, special forint coins have been issued in Hungary to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Hungarian National Bank #NationalBank #coin #forint #money

Big change: 50,000-forint notes to be introduced? Central bank governor answers

The Governor of the Central Bank answers whether a 50,000-forint banknote would be introduced any time soon. #forint #money #currency #economy

Hungarian central bank cuts the base rate again

Hungarian central bank rate-setters reduced the base rate by 75 basis points, to 8.25 percent, at a regular policy meeting on Tuesday. The Council also decided […]

Hungarian National Bank to decide the forint’s fate next Tuesday: plummet may follow

Next Tuesday may mark another step towards a weaker forint since the National Bank's Monetary Council will decide about another base rate cut. #nationalbank #mnb #forint #economy #monetarycouncil

Grim outlook: Will the forint plummet to 400/EUR?

High inflation rates and conflict between the National Bank and the government endanger the forint.

Hungarian government discusses central bank amendment

"The goal is clear: regulation is necessary that continues to guarantee the central bank's independence," finance minister Mihály Varga said. #centralbank #government

Hungary introduces brand new strange-shaped yet fabulous forint coins

Kincsem on new forint coins. #forint #economy #finance

Hungarian central bank outraged on the Orbán cabinet’s new Central Bank Act

Hungary's central bank (NBH) has said amendments to the Central Bank Act drafted by the Finance Ministry would impair its independence #centralbank #bank #government

Despite the battles, the central bank says relations between Orbán and Matolcsy are good

On the surface, it seems that there is a clear breakdown in relations between Viktor Orbán and central bank governor Matolcsy, but they deny it.

Hungarian central bank signs cooperation agreement with Mongolian watchdog

The agreement covers, among other things, information and knowledge exchange between the authorities, carrying out joint research projects... #mongolia #nationalbank #bank #cooperation

Weakening forint: policy dispute wreak havoc on Hungarian currency

The possibility of the EUR reaching 400 forints may arise as a result of the escalating conflict between the Hungarian National Bank and the government.

Hungarian national bank governor attacks Hungarian government in unprecedented way – UPDATED

"Government decisions are a covert, veiled attack on the independence of the central bank," György Matolcsy said. #Fidesz #NBH #Hungariangovernment #Hungarianeconomy

Forint at 5-month low!

HUF 400/EUR on the horizon? #forint #euro #economy #nationalbank #bank

The National Bank’s decision may wreak havoc on Hungarian forint – UPDATE: HUF 400/EUR comes!

The Monetary Council of the Hungarian National Bank is expected to cut the base rate again today: here is how that may affect the forint #forint #nationalbank #mnb #economy

5 and 10 forints coins will be withdrawn, HUF 50-100,000 banknotes will be issued in Hungary?

Will old forint coins be withdrawn and will new forint banknotes be introduced in Hungary because of the high inflation? Here are the answers. #forint #economy #inflation #crisis

Central bank’s surprising decision: forint starts to strengthen – UPDATED

The monetary council of the Hungarian central bank made a surprising decision about the base rate cut, affecting the forint #nationalbank #forint #economy

Hungarian central bank: big turnaround to come, forint reacts

The central bank implied that it can speed up the pace of monthly interest rate cuts. #centralbank #money #forint #euro #currency