PHOTOS: The Hungarian restaurant where you can have 24-carat gold cappuccino

The menu of Újváros Bisztró in Szarvas is only comparable to Dubai's luxurious Burj Al Arab, the world's only 7-star hotel. Read about the world's second gold cappuccino, which is served in Hungary below. #Hungary #Hungarian #coffee #restaurant #drink #cappuccino #dailynewshungary

RoadPol elects Hungarian officer head

Congratulations! Another Hungarian woman to be proud of

Foreign ministry: Dutch foreign minister ‘attacked Hungary’ in interview

"The state of the rule of law in the Netherlands itself gave cause for concern"

Wizz Air flight from Eindhoven to Budapest collided with birds and had to turn back

On Sunday, a Wizz Air flight from Eindhoven to Budapest collided with a flock of birds during take-off

PM Orbán talked on phone with one of his greatest European adversaries

The war in Ukraine, the energy crisis in Europe, and the EU economic recovery fund were in the focus of the discussion. #Hungary #Hungarian #Netherlands #Holland #Dutch #dailynewshungary #ViktorOrbán #Ukraine #war

Here is the long-awaited exhibition: Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings in Budapest

"The Budapest show, with close to ninety works on view, is not only anticipated to become the most comprehensive exhibition of Bosch’s works in Central Europe ever, but also one of the most significant Bosch exhibitions of the international museum world in the last fifty years."

Young Hungarian woman found dead in a roof box in the Netherlands

The family of the victim reported their daughter missing back in 2020 and they have not heard from her since. 🇳🇱🚔🚨🇭🇺 #police #crime #investigation #victim #netherlands #hungary #dailynewshungary

Dutch groom stabbed his bride in Békéscsaba!

They started to fight, then he used the knife. #Hungary #Hungarian #dailynewshungary #Dutch #Netherlands #groom #bride #police #crime #murderattempt

Types of entities for company formation in the Netherlands

Sponsored content Along with other developed countries, the Netherlands is also a founding member of the European Union and the World Trade Organisation, playing a leading […]

Court: Dutch company cannot pay less to their Hungarian truck drivers!

The decision will be beneficial for thousands of Eastern-European employees working in the Netherlands. #Hungary #hungarian #court #driver #truck #lorry #dailynewshungary

Hungary, Netherlands to set up pandemic working group

Doctors and experts will share their experiences about the pandemic. #Hungary #Hungarian #Netherlands #dailynewshungary #health #healthcare #government

PM Orbán: the Dutch PM thinks he can tell Hungarians how to raise their children

He said that the #EuropeanUnion launched a coordinated attack against #Hungary like before in the case of #migration or #taxes on multinational companies. #Hungarian #ViktorOrbán #government

The Netherlands lifts entry restrictions for travellers from Hungary

Dutch government puts Hungary to the green zone countries

Netherlands won’t ease lockdown further until at least mid May

In a next step, gyms, zoos and amusement parks would reopen on May 11. #Netherlands #EuropeanUnion #Benelux #dailynewshungary #world #reopening

Dutch dance lovers offered lockdown relief at test event – VIDEO

Sounds great! A total of 1,300 people were allowed at a carefully orchestrated test event in Amsterdam's biggest music hall #ziggodome

Hungarian FM Szijjártó calls for ‘mutual respect’ with Netherlands

???? 7️⃣ Dutch companies had received EUR 9.7m grants from the Hungarian government during the pandemic

Drug trafficking at Sziget festival: Appeals court reduces Dutch men’s sentence

The two 23-year-olds were arrested at the festival on Budapest's Hajógyári Island #Sziget

Why do these two Hungarian regions have so many Dutch expats?

Beautiful landscape, public safety, and caring people – Dutch people on life in #Hungary

EU summit – Hungarian parliament open to dialogue with Dutch parliament

????? Hungary's parliament "is open to dialogue" with the Dutch parliament

Orbán: Netherlands to blame if talks on EU budget, rescue package fall through

"I don't know what is the personal reason for the ??Dutch PM @MinPres to hate me or ??Hungary, but he is attacking so harshly" #Orbán