Paks nuclear plant project


7th Central & Eastern Europe Nuclear Industry Congress in Prague – Energy crisis highlights importance of nuclear energy, says minister

Hungary sees nuclear energy, and the upgrade of its nuclear plant in Paks with Russians, as key to its energy security

The nuclear watchdog gives the green light for Russia’s Rosatom to start building the new reactor in Hungary

Russia will manage the Paks nuclear power plant for decades to come...

Important milestone reached in the Paks nuclear power plant project

The National Atomic Energy Authority (OAH) has issued an important license for the upgrade of Hungary's sole nuclear power plant in Paks #Hungary #Hungarian #Paks #nuclearpowerplant #powerplant #dailynewshungary #atomicenergy #government

Non-EU citizens welcomed to work on the Paks II nuclear plant project

The government allowed even non-EU citizens to come and work on the Paks nuclear power plant expansion project without a permit. #Hungary #Hungarian #economy #dailynewshungary #work #EuropeanUnion #employment #usefulDNH

Radical party: ‘Cheap Paks energy could cover total need of Hungarian households’

The Paks nuclear power plant has the capacity to provide energy to cover the total need of all Hungarian households, the leader of the opposition Mi Hazánk party said. #hungary #dailynewshungary #mihazánk #paks #energy

Russia’s construction of a nuclear power plant in Hungary accepted by the IAEA, says minister on NPT conference

"No geopolitical games should be allowed to the detriment of Hungary"