Hungarian athletes of Palestinian origins honored by Palestinian embassy

Boxing champion and coach, gymnastics, chess, and swimming champions were honored. Check out the details in our article below. #Palestine #honor #embassy #Budapest

Ecumenical Council of Hungarian Churches concludes its visit to Palestine

The delegation of the Hungarian Federation of Churches concluded a four-day visit to #Palestine:

Interview with Palestinian Ambassador Dr Elhusseini on Israel, Hungarian-Palestinian relations and many others

During the interview HE Ambassador Dr Fadi Elhusseini touched on relations with Israel, Hungarian-Palestinian cooperation, tourism, culture and many other interesting topics: 

Hit Netflix series changes filming location to Budapest due to Ukrainian conflict

The shooting location of season 4 of Fauda has been changed from Kyiv to Budapest for safety reasons 🇭🇺🎥🎞️ #netflix #television #movie #series #filming #hungary #budapest #dailynewshungary

Hungary stands by Israel, says foreign minister

"Hungary stands by Israel" - Foreign minister #Szijjártó

EU – minus Hungary – calls for Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire

"Hungary, Israel's closest ally in the bloc, declined to join the other 26 foreign ministers"

Gaza girl survives Israeli strike that shattered her family and home

Six-year-old Suzy Eshkuntana woke up alone in Gaza's largest hospital...

Israeli air strikes hit Gaza as fighting enters second week

"All parties need to deescalate tensions - the violence must end immediately" #Blinken

Jerusalem violence leads to Hamas rockets on Israel, nine dead in Gaza

Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip fired rockets toward the Jerusalem area and...

Police, Palestinians clash at Jerusalem holy site

Rock-throwing Palestinians and Israeli police firing stun grenades clashed outside al-Aqsa mosque on Monday, in on-going violence in Jerusalem that has raised international concern. Tensions in […]

Palestinians and Israeli police clash during evictions at al Aqsa

They called for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and scrapping of an unpopular peace treaty with Israel. #stopconflict #protest #sacred #worldnews #dailynewshungary

Jobbik MEP Gyöngyösi: Is there a chance of Palestine – Israel peace?

"There are substantial obstacles on both sides in the way of a long-term settlement" ??↔️?? #palestine #israel #politics #vote #worldnews #dailynewshungary