32 Ukrainians detained for illegally crossing into Hungary in fake military truck

A GAZ-66 truck bearing military license plates illegally crossed the Ukrainian-Hungarian border in the Transcarpathia region, known for its Hungarian population:

Concerning: Chinese police in Hungary may be up to dark, worrying things

The Hungarian government held talks and signed cooperation agreements with "the darkest bureau of the Chinese government". #China #diplomacy #police #force

School bomb threat in India: Threat sent from IP address linked to Budapest

India's authorities were able to trace the bomb threat to Budapest, but there is a Russian connection:

Romanian predator brutally battered 20-year-old Hungarian girl to death!

Here are the shocking details. #Romania #London #uk #police #crime #murder

International cooperation: Police arrest Slovak arms dealers in Hungary and Slovakia

Police in Hungary and Slovakia have arrested Slovak arms dealers who sent weapons to Sweden, Spain, and South Africa. #arms #crime #police #slovakia

BREAKING NEWS – Terror alert heightened in Hungary, says pro-government site – UPDATE

According to Magyar Nemzet, the terror alert level in Hungary has been heightened following Sunday’s Defence Council meeting. However, the government has yet to issue an […]

Louis Vuitton store in Budapest burgled – VIDEO

The Louis Vuitton luxury store at 24 Andrássy út in Budapest has been broken into - VIDEO

What will Chinese police officers do in Hungary? Here is the government’s answer

Gergely Gulyás, head of the PM's Office, explained what it will mean in practice that Chinese police officers will be allowed to appear in Hungary. It will not be what many people think. #police #china

DK: Orbán cabinet imports Chinese police to serve in Hungary

DK believes Chinese police officers serving in Hungary will violate the country's sovereignty - do you agree with them? #DK #DemocraticCoalition #Gyurcsány #china #police

Hungarian police raided downtown Budapest at night, 13 people arrested

101 police officers and associated service personnel carried out a complex criminal law enforcement check in downtown Budapest.

Czech police cease assistance at Hungarian-Serbian border, citing drop in illegal migration

Good news: Czech Police report sharp drop in illegal Immigration along Hungarian-Serbian border

Knife attack in Austria: a Hungarian man attacked his bosses on the motorway

One victim suffered life-threatening injuries after knife attack

Police to invade Hungary’s roads from Monday – here is what they are checking

Travellers, pay particular attention on Hungarian roads:

Chinese police officers will patrol in Hungary

Chinese police officers will help their Hungarian colleagues to maintin law and order on the Hungarian streets - can you imagine that? #China #police #mafia

Appalling? Chinese police officers to soon patrol in Hungary

Hungarian and Chinese police officers will carry out joint patrols, as agreed by the Hungarian Interior Minister and his Chinese counterpart in February. #chinese #hungarian #police

Hungarian vizsla is so popular that criminals started to steal and breed it in Western Europe

The price of a purebred puppy is EUR 2,000, so criminals became active in Hungary, Romania, Italy and Western Europe. #dog #animal #animalprotection #breeder #crime #police

VIDEO: Swiss criminal arrested in Hungary

The 29-year-old man sentenced to over 5 and a half years in prison was detained in a raid in a luxury apartment block in the city on Feb. 20.... #Hungarianpolice #police #Debrecen

CoE calls on Hungary to improve assistance to human trafficking victims

CoE: Most identified victims were women and minors with sexual exploitation remaining the main form of exploitation

Hungarian stabbed several people in Gdansk, Poland

The Hungarian perpetrator is just 24 years old. #Gdansk #Poland #stabbing #crime #police

Horror hiking: dead body found by hikers in Hungarian mountains

A shocking hiking experience for those who found a dead body while hiking in the mountains early Sunday afternoon. The hikers immediately called the emergency number: