President of Hungary


New Hungarian government spokesperson appointed

Eszter Vitályos has been appointed government spokesperson and state secretary at the Prime Minister's Cabinet Office effective 1 April. #government #spokesperson #politics

Hungarian President talks with president of war-torn country

Tamás Sulyok had a phone call with the president of a war-torn country #israel #president #phone #war

Here is the new Hungarian President’s first foreign visit: he called for deepening dialogue

It is always symbolic where a new president goes first #Poland #Hungary #president #visit

New Hungarian commander-in-chief briefed about Hungary’s security situation

Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky has met President Tamás Sulyok to brief him on Hungary's security situation #security #defence #military #president #budapest

PHOTOS: Hungarian national flag raised marking 15 March celebrations – UPDATED

15 March celebrations started in Hungary #15March #celebration #commemoration #budapest #president #parliament

Hungarian President Sulyok calls for ‘fight for nations’ survival’

Hungary's survival "is not a given, so we have had to fight for it and we must continue fighting for it, the Hungarian President said. #president #TamásSulyok #15March

New Hungarian President: ‘Serving country, nation is greatest honour’

Serving the country and the nation "is the greatest honour", President Tamás Sulyok said in his speech at his inauguration as head of state #Hungary #president #inauguration

Hungarian President Sulyok: Hungarian businesses prepared to contribute to success of Mongolia’s reforms

Hungary and Mongolia's "deep-rooted friendship" is based on mutual respect, President Tamás Sulyok said. #president #mongolia #politics

PM Orbán holds talks with new President Sulyok: here are the topics

Tamás Sulyok has only been head of state for a day but he's already made some important decisions. #president #politics

Hungarian President Sulyok signs ratification of Sweden’s NATO accession

Sweden and all NATO member countries celebrate the first decision of the Hungarian President

Hungary’s seventh president elected – UPDATE

Today, lawmakers elected the seventh President of the Hungarian Republic since the fall of communism.

New child protection regime needed, Orbán’s Fidesz says

Máté Kocsis called for the introduction of a new child protection regime with clear-cut rules, in an interview with public radio on Sunday. #children #family #fidesz #MátéKocsis

Hungarian Parliament to elect new President on Monday

Who do you want to see as head of state in Hungary? #president #fidesz #parliament

Opposition about Fidesz presidential candidate Sulyok: Orbán’s pen, yet another Fidesz party soldier

Opposition Momentum said they would not participate in "Fidesz's parliamentary circus in which Orbán's next pen is selected."

Orbán: No pardon for child abusers

Orbán said Novák had said "yes" to the pardon when the only fitting response could have been "no". #orbán #paedophilia #president #politics

Who is Tamás Sulyok, Fidesz’ nominee for head of state?

You can find the most important things about Tamás Sulyok below. #president #fidesz #politics

BREAKING: Fidesz announces its candidate for head of state

The governing Fidesz-KDNP parties nominate Tamás Sulyok, President of the Constitutional Court, to replace Katalin Novák as President of the Republic. #fidesz #president #politics

Reformed Bishop resigns after admitting he supported scandalous presidential pardon

Reformed Bishop Zoltán Balog resigned as president of the Synod of the Reformed Church in Hungary on Friday. #synod #reformedchurch #church #resignation

Leading political analyst shared who Orbán would choose as president

Gábor Török is one of Hungary's leading political analysts who regularly has inside information from the inner circles of the Orbán government - here is whom Orbán will choose as next president according to Mr Török #Orbán #government #president #scandal

Hungarian politics in crisis: will the paedophile scandal affect elections?

Katalin Novák pardoned a man involved in covering up a paedophile scandal. Let's see how hectic the current Hungarian political landscape looks! #KatalinNovák #JuditVarga #Fidesz #scandal