Marina City: Development of Budapest’s new Danube-side city quarter begins! – VISUAL PLANS

Cordia has launched its latest large-scale urban rehabilitation development in Budapest, on the Pest side of the Danube: the Marina City project.

Shocking Trends: Cost of rent in Budapest and nationwide goes through the roof

The cost of rent in Budapest and nationwide reaches astronomical heights. Here are the latest insights by experts! #Rental #Prices #Budapest #Surge

Hopeful forecast: will real estate market boom in 2024?

There is reason to be optimistic for the future of the real estate market in Hungary, expert says.

Mini Dubai: Draft intergovernmental agreement goes before Hungarian parliament

The government will submit to parliament a draft agreement between the governments of Hungary and the United Arab Emirates concerning the so-called Mini Dubai to be built in Budapest. #budapest #uae #investment

SHOCKING: Budapest property prices exceeded psychological barrier

Housing is becoming more and more difficult in Budapest due to the soaring prices #property #realestate #money #statistics #budapest #dunahouse

Shocking housing market trends: foreign renters drive up prices in Budapest?

Shocking housing market trends: Foreign subtenants can afford higher rents than locals, driving up prices in inner Budapest.

Helpful initiative: Budapest launches Home Agency to match renters with homeowners

Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony announced the establishment of a city agency to match renters with homeowners. #budapest #property #housing #realestate

Cheap real estate: Romanians move to Hungary, own half the houses in this town

In 2023, more than 300 houses were sold to Romanians in border towns as both the price of real estate and utilities are cheaper here than in their country. #romania #property #realestate

Positive changes at Lake Balaton: Far more holiday homes for sale than in 2023

The Lake Balaton area is a huge favourite of expats when it comes to buying a holiday home in a calm environment, close to nature. #lakebalaton #nature #property #realestate

This is where rent takes the biggest part of the salary in Hungary

In recent years, rents in Hungary have gone through the roof. This is confirmed by the latest survey:

The Economist: Budapest tops list for most unaffordable rental prices!

What are your thoughts on the rental market in Budapest? Could you afford a one-bedroom flat by yourself? #Budapest #rent #salary #property #realestate #rentalprice #economy #CarrieBradshaw

Mini Dubai to rewrite Budapest property market: what should we expect?

The mini Dubai could well make property prices in the surrounding neighbourhoods skyrocket. Would you consider moving there? #budapest #property #realestate

Trend change: rental prices rise again in Hungary

Trend change in Hungarian rental prices: they started to rise again while loan interests for homebuyers decrease: another boom on the horizon? #trend #property #price #rentalprice #realestate #Budapest #Debrecen #Győr

New survey: Hungary is among the least desirable countries for homebuyers

A new study has named Hungary as one of the least desirable European countries for homebuyers, featuring in 1st place at the bottom of the list - here is why #home #property #realestate #money

Huge growth: Hungarian real estate market takes off in January

The Hungarian real estate market started the year actively, with turnover 43% higher than a year earlier. #realestate #property

Property and rental prices will boom in this Hungarian city

Are you planning to invest in Hungary? This Hungarian city may be your best choice since both rental and property prices are expected to surge there soon. #BYD #investment #realestate #property #rentalprice #economy #China

Here are the leading regions in Hungary: would you move here?

There are places that can be considered "star regions" in Hungary when it comes to the property market. #property #realestate #housing

From stable to castle: selling for EUR 2 million

After 10 years, The Vörös Castle is once again up for sale: #castle #history

Rental prices to increase significantly this year in Hungary

Here is how much rental prices in Hungary are expected to grow in 2024 based on experts' forecast. #rent #property #realestate #Budapest

Experts: twist expected on the Hungarian property market in 2024

Hungary saw a decrease in the average property prices. But that may change in 2024. #property #realestate #economy #Budapest