Mayor Karácsony: ‘No one should fear because of skin colour, identity, religion’ in Budapest

"Diversity and standing together makes Budapest strong"

PM chief of staff: ‘Roma part of the forming of Hungarian state’

The Roma community "has lived among us for centuries", and is a part of how the Hungarian nation was formed as a state, Gergely Gulyás said. #hungary #dailynewshungary #roma #nation #history

CoE: Commissioner Mijatovic was deeply concerned by the situations of third-country citizens

Mijatovic said she was "deeply concerned" by the situations of third-country citizens and...

Gunfight between two families in a Hungarian town! – PHOTOS & VIDEO

A fight broke out between two families in the Hungarian town of Kerepes. The situation reached a boiling point, police had to intervene. #Hungary #HungarianPolice #fight #Kerepes #gunfight #firearms

Hungarian Roma refugees from Ukraine do not receive allowances in the Czech Republic!

The Czech Minister of the Interior, Vít Rakusan, highlighted that Roma people speaking Hungarian and fleeing Ukraine should not expect any help from the country's authorities if they show their Hungarian passports. #Hungary #Hungarian #CzechRepublic #Roma #war #Ukraine #refugee #dailynewshungary

Exhibition of Hungarian Roma painter’s works opens in Brussels

An exhibition presenting the roots and traditions of Roma culture through the works of Hungarian painter and...