Budapest is becoming a popular place among digital nomads

This year, Hungary joined the list of countries that explicitly support the entry and temporary settlement of digital nomads. 💻🇭🇺 #digital #statistics #budapest #hungary #dailynewshungary

Schengen border of the EU should be further down south, says PM Orbán

"Serbia had been ready to join the EU for years" - PM Orbán

Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania created a ‘mini-Schengen’ zone!

#Hungary wants to speed up the #EU accession of these countries. #Hungarian #government #NorthMacedonia #Serbia #Albania #dailynewshungary #Schengen #travel

ETIAS for Hungary Visa Online

After the pandemic is over, the whole world will be open to us again ;)

Traveling to Hungary and the EU Schengen Area with the ETIAS in 2022

With the introduction of the #ETIAS in the later part of 2021, traveling to Europe's Schengen area is going to be very different for certain nationalities.

EU launches forum to discuss strengthening Schengen area

How to build a stronger and more resilient #Schengen area?