The government’s latest tax decision concers lots of people in Hungary

Márton Nagy, the national economy minister, announced the details in a statement. #tax #government #economy

Insider: Tax evasion case of Hungarian billionaire businessman swept under the rug by high ranking officials

What are your thoughts on the investigator's claims regarding the Gattyán tax evasion case?

Orbán government continues program reshaping Hungary’s property sector

The government is expanding VAT cuts until the end of 2026, the finance minister said on Facebook on Saturday. #government #orbáncabinet #vat #tax #property #realestate

Why are petrol prices soaring in Hungary? Unveiling the truth behind the high costs!

Here are some key factors contributing to the current high fuel prices! #Fuel #Petrol #Price #Tax #Hungarian #Government

Expert: Quality of food in Hungarian shops often worse than in Western Europe

Here is why the quality of food sold in Hungarian shops is often worse than those sold in Western Europe. #shopping #food #drink #quality

Does Budapest not pay taxes to the government?

"The mayor has not paid taxes since last June. Budapest has rejected to pay 46 billion forints in solidarity tax until March," Mihály Varga said. #budapest #taxes #government

Hungarian budget has collapsed in two months, the deficit is already huge

Only two months of figures for the year and already the Hungarian budget is in trouble...

Europe’s lowest tax rates a big attraction for foreign firms in Hungary, says minister in Bangkok

"Thanks to the government's strategy of opening to the East, Hungary has turned into a major meeting point for Eastern and Western companies"

Pricing paradox: Hungarian food costs less abroad – here is why

A curious trend has emerged in the food industry: in many cases, Hungarian-produced food can be bought for a lower price in other European countries, like Germany. What are the reasons behind this phenomenon? #Food #Prices #Germany #EU #Europe

Hungarian government bond failed as an investment

The government aimed to attract additional funds into government bonds. However, the majority of Hungarians opted for alternative tax-free investment avenues. What do the statistics say about Hungarian savings? #Savings #Government #Bonds

Hungarian finance minister slammed Budapest leadership for not paying tax

It was "unprecedented" that while Budapest residents and businesses meet their tax obligations, the city's mayor "ignores them", he said #tax #Budapest #government

Hungarian Parliament votes on tax changes, global minimum tax and other important changes

Parliament today voted on a number of key changes

Just what we needed: Beloved iconic Hungarian dessert to become cheaper

Do you like Túró Rudi? #túrórudi #dessert #vat #food #chocolate

Government to continue phasing out sectoral taxes

The government will continue to gradually phase out special taxes on some sectors of the economy, the finance ministry said #tax #government

Hungary’s budget is in trouble: less income, more expenditure, state unable to save money

The Orbán government, having a supermajority, regularly accepts Hungary's annual budget the year before. But this year, the figures look bad. #budget #economy #government

Hungary open to new double taxation avoidance treaty with US

The US has terminated the double taxation treaty between it and Hungary back in February. #unitedstates #taxation #economy

Economic development minister: Hungarian central bank is operating in cyclops mode

"The central bank is operating in cyclops mode, let's hope it doesn't go blind"

Hungarian tax system remain competitive despite global minimum tax?

Hungary must incorporate the GMT into its legal system by January 1, 2024, but...

Significantly higher fuel prices expected from next January

Fuel prices will be significantly higher from next January in Hungary thanks to a tax modification - here is what to expect #fuel #economy #transport #travel #tourism #traffic

Changes in Government Taxes, Hungary 2023

The Hungarian parliament enacted the Autumn Tax Package towards the end of 2022.