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Special opportunity: Try Queen Elizabeth II’s royal meal at the iconic Gundel Palace in Budapest

For ten days in early July, diners can enjoy a recreated four-course meal inspired by Queen Elizabeth II's 1993 visit! #UK #QueenElizabethII #GundelPalace #food #restaurant

Heated debates expected by Orbán cabinet at NATO foreign ministers’ informal meeting on Friday

Hungarian minister about the meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Prague: "The presence of the Americans and the British will even stimulate this hysterical war psychosis"

Hungary Ranks as the Easiest Nation to Move to, and Brits Know it

The Brits are on the move, and Hungary’s easy access might convince a bunch of them to settle here.

Massive debt: Hungarian Embassy owes millions of pounds to London

Huge amounts of debt have accumulated over nearly 20 years. #Budapest #London #UnitedKingdom #traffic #debt #money

Huge honour: Yale University confers honorary degree on Hungarian computer scientist

Lovász had received nearly every award a mathematician can earn, including the Abel Prize, the highest award in mathematics. #Yale #mathematics #computerscience #award

Putin-Orbán friendship: British generals shared Hungary’s disgraceful role after a Russian attack against NATO

British generals believe Hungary would have a disgraceful role provided Russia attacked the NATO after their summer victories in Ukraine - can you believe the Sun's relevant article? #thesun #uk #ukraine #war #putin #orbán

Romanian predator brutally battered 20-year-old Hungarian girl to death!

Here are the shocking details. #Romania #London #uk #police #crime #murder

Superb: New flight from Budapest announced to a Western European metropolis

Here is the new Ryanair flight carrying passengers to a Western metropolis. #liverpool #ryanair #budapest #travel #tourism

Princess Diana visited Budapest 34 years ago – but could not buy a souvenir?

Princess Diana visited Hungary twice in the 1990s. During both, she was greeted with huge fanfare and love from Hungarians. #princessdiana #history

Today only: Hungarian airline Wizz Air is offering cheap flights!

Hungarian Wizz Air is offering cheap, discounted tickets to the UK today. Don't miss it: the airline's offer valid for one day only! #unitedkingdom #wizzair #budapestairport

London’s Victoria&Albert Museum’s DIVA exhibition travels to Budapest to open next month

The DIVA exhibition will present dresses worn on stage by Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Cher, Maria Callas, Edith Piaf, Ingrid Bergman, Billie Eilish, Rihanna...

Famous TV show poised to drive UK tourists to Hungary

A popular reality show in the UK featured Budapest in its latest episode. Experts say it is a great ad for tourists ahead of the holiday season.

Góbéfest: Celebrate Transylvania and Hungary in Manchester in June!

Góbéfest, Manchester's original urban folk music and dance festival with strong Central and Eastern European leanings, is back! #unitedkingdom #transylvania #centraleurope #festival

Comparing payment options in the UK and Hungary

Payment options in the United Kingdom are as diverse as the country and its economy.

Controversial Duchess Meghan Markle once fell in love with Budapest

Before meeting Harry, Meghan was a passionate traveller who once visited the Hungarian capital. What did she say about Budapest? Find out below! #Royal #Family #Meghan #Markle #Budapest

What a tribute! Hungarian set decorator wins at the BAFTA Awards

Congratulations! The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) has bestowed the Best Production Design Award upon "Poor Things".

Historic concert: Hungarian pianist may play for King Charles III in Westminster Abbey

A Hungarian pianist may write history in the Westminster Abbey tomorrow. #UnitedKingdon #theroyalfamily #charlesiii #music #pianist

Win a trip of a lifetime to a mystery destination with Hungarian Wizz Air!

On the 7th of March you may travel to a trip of a lifetime with Hungarian budget airline, Wizz Air: here is whyt you should do to win #WizzAir #travel #tourism #plane #UnitedKingdom #UK

PHOTO: Oscar-winning British actor visits Budapest

Budapest is a place many celebrities love to visit – and revisit. #budapest #celebrity #actor #café

VIDEO: Storm Isha rages in UK, Wizz Air flight affected

Watch how two Wizz Air planes try to land in London and fail due to Storm Isha below: #unitedkingdom #uk #stormisha #nature #weather #travel