US-Iran conflict


Hungary would like Iran to return to the system of peaceful coexistence

"We'd like Iran to be able to return as soon as possible to the system of peaceful coexistence", Hungary's foreign minister said. #Hungary #Hungarian #Iran #MiddleEast #dailynewshungary

US government denies statements of Iranian TV about prisoner swap agreement

Iranian state TV said on Sunday that Tehran would free four Americans in exchange for four Iranians held in the US and the release of frozen Iranian funds. ???? #iran #usa #conflict #diplomacy #uk #prisoners #worldnews #dailynewshungary

Opinion: is a new US-Iran nuclear deal realistic?

Some say that it was a win for both parties in 2015. Do you agree? #Hungary #Hungarian #dailynewshungary #USA #Iran #nucleardeal #Washington #Trump #Biden

Iran’s top leader vows “reciprocal” strike at U.S. for killing senior commander

On Monday #Iran executes CIA "spy"

Trump orders navy to destroy all Iranian gunboats if they harass U.S. ships

#IRGC on Sunday called for a full withdrawal of all American forces from the Gulf and West Asia

Armed forces leaders: Situation in Iraq stable

"The situation in #Iraq is stable, there is no need to withdraw Hungarian soldiers or to end operations in the country"

Iraq says attack on U.S. embassy won’t affect relations with Washington

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said on Monday that the overnight rocket attack on the U.S. embassy in central Baghdad will not affect the flourishing level of […]

7 rockets hit army base in Iraq’s Salahudin province

Seven Katyusha rockets hit Balad airbase, #Iraq! #UsIranConflict #dailynewshungary #iraq #middleeast

Breaking news! Iran unintentionally shot down Ukrainian Airliner


Hungarian foreign minister calls for de-escalation in Middle East

Extraordinary session of EU foreign ministers in Brussels

U.S. slaps fresh sanctions against Iran after missile attacks

"The United States slaps fresh sanctions against #Iran after missile attacks #dailynewshungary #USIranconflict #MiddleEast

Jobbik’s top priority in the US-Iran conflict: Hungary’s security

"The Trump administration’s action was not just against an Irani leader but the customs of the civilized world as well." - #Jobbik

Hungarian minister calls on UN to help de-escalate tensions in Middle East

"Hungarian government expected the UN to do its real job instead of acting as a self-appointed advocate of migration"

PM Orbán gives international press conference: US-Iran conflict, migration, climate change, EPP

"Climate change is important but expensive" - PM Orbán

Defence minister in talks with commander of Hungarian troops in Iraq – UPDATE

On Wednesday morning two missiles hit Erbil in northern Iraq where most Hungarian troops are stationed #dailynewshungary #USIranConflict #middleeast #nato

Trump says no U.S. casualties in Iran attacks, signaling de-escalation

"No Americans were harmed in last night's attack by the Iranian regime." - #Trump

No Hungarian casualties in Iraq, says foreign minister – UPDATE

The number of troops in Iraq cannot exceed 200, most are deployed to the ,#Erbil base, #Iraq #iran #usa #hungariandefenseforces #dailynewshungary #hungary #hungarian army

Iran launches missiles at U.S. airbases in Iraq in retaliation for killing of commander

#Iran launched a dozen of ballistic missiles!

Iran blacklists U.S. Pentagon as “terrorist organization”

#Iran's parliament announced U.S. Department of Defense, the #Pentagon, as "terrorist organization"

Hungary ready to take any action necessary regarding Iraqi mission

"The highest security alert has not been introduced for Hungarian soldiers stationed in #Iraq"