war in Ukraine


Hungarian Christian Democrats harshly criticise the EU in Madrid

"Fortunately, an increasing number of European politicians are aware of this situation and the situation of ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia"

Hungary’s largest bank removed from list of international war sponsors

Ukrainian side expects the Hungarian government to lift its veto

Ukraine made a gesture towards Hungary: reconciliation on the horizon?

Ukraine's National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAZK) will temporarily remove OTP from the sponsors of war list #Ukraine #war #otpbank

PM Orbán: Hungary’s EU money in Ukraine, Western countries want to globalise the war

PM Orbán talked about migration, the ongoing war in Ukraine, the attitutde of the Western countries towards it and the future of the EU #ViktorOrbán

Students will not be happy with this trend in Hungarian universities

Compared to last year, conditions have not changed. The war between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing, and the Hungarian government has not introduced any cuts in the rationing of electricity #highereducation #Hungarianuniversities

PM Orbán kicked off the new political season: Soros empire, Brussels bureaucrats and American democrats enemies

PM Orbán told parliament that "Hungary's enemies", which he described as "the Soros empire, American democrats, Brussels bureaucrats #Orbán #government #EU #Ukraine #Brussels #Soros #USdemocrats #Biden

PHOTOS: New building of elite Hungarian MCC College opened in Transcarpathia, Ukraine

The new academic year opened at the Mathias Corvinus Collegium's (MCC) new building at Berehove (Beregszász) on Sunday. #Ukraine #Transcarpathia #education

Government: peace in Ukraine needs the US contribution

The circumstances for peace are not going to improve in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Péter Szijjártó said in New York #government #NewYork #USA #peace #Ukraine #war

Minister in New York: the West should stop delivering arms for Ukraine

Foreign minister Péter Szijjártó blamed the West for the arms deliveries and praised Trump for bringing peace #government #Ukraine #UnitedNations #UN #war

Fuel price caps will come back in Hungary?

Máté Kocsis, the parliamentary group leader of Orbán's Fidesz, talked about the reintroduction of the fuel price caps #fuel #government #Kocsis #Ukraine #Fidesz #migration #EuropeanUnion

Planet Budapest 2023 will open soon

Speaking about Hungary's achievements in green transition and climate protection, Áder noted that the country was ranked among those 21 that had significantly reduced their CO2 emissions since 1990 while simultaneously raised their GDP. #Climata #green

President Novák: Hungary ready to take part in any peace initiative for a lasting ceasefire in Ukraine

"Women leaders who join their forces to contribute to peacemaking can have a substantial contribution to this process," the Hungarian president said. #HungarianPresident #KatalinNovák #warinUkraine

Minister: This African country is ally of Hungary

The North-African country is a crucial ally in fighting terrorism and illegal migration, Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky said. #terrorism #migration #defence

Ukraine files lawsuit against Hungary, Poland and Slovakia

Kyiv sues Hungary, Poland and Slovakia for refusing to lift the ban on imports of Ukrainian agricultural products. #ukraine #poland #slovakia #agriculture #court

Hungarian foreign minister meets his Russian counterpart again: for peace

Szijjártó said he was scheduled to meet his Russian counterpart and he added that his Western colleagues should do so, too #Russia #government #Russia #Ukraine #war

Minister: Brussels fuelling war in Ukraine

The minister said that the European Commission lacked a strategy on what the EU could do in order to prevent the escalation of the war #war #government #Ukraine #EuropeanUnion #EuropeanCommission

The EU may enlarge, what impact will this have on Hungary?

Von der Leyen's assertion that the bloc could expand to more than 30 members in the future is "the clearest statement made in the recent period", Tibor Navracsics said #HungarianGovernment #EuropeanUnion

Could inflation in Hungary hit single digits by December?

"It might be achieved in November, but, as also suggested by forecasts, we can certainly deliver on this commitment by December," said Gergely Gulyás... #HungarianGovernment #inflation

Szijjártó: Hungary’s pro-peace approach appreciated outside Europe

Szijjártó said "our African and Asian partners continue to ask when the European Union is going to step up for peace." #szijjártó #ukraine #war #africa #asia

President Novák: Hungary is the Mecca of family-focused thinking

Hungary is today "the Mecca" of family-focused policies, the place to gather for discussing family-related matters together, Novák said. #family #president