Astonishing PHOTOS: geomagnetic storm with Aurora Borealis over Hungary, new Danube bridge decorative lighting

Jaw-dropping Aurora Borealis over Hungary and the newest Danube Bridge's decorative lighting. #photogallery #auroraborealis #nature #weather

Early beach season starts today in Hungary: Here are the places you can visit on 1 May!

Thanks to the favourable weather conditions, numerous beaches are kicking off their season today. Here is the list of the ones that you can visit and others that will open later! #Spa #Bath #Tourism #Beaches

Hot, summer-like weather returns this weekend in Hungary

Summer or spring is the best season in Hungary? #weather #weatherforecast #useful

April Madness: a blanket of snow covers Hungary’s highest peak – Photos, VIDEO

Heat records broken a few weeks ago, now snow in Hungary - VIDEO

Spectacular starfall expected in Hungary!

Prepare for the biggest starfall of the year! #starfall #shootingstars #space

PHOTOS: Whimsical April – Ice and frost hits Hungary

Check out some photos below! #ice #frost #spring #april #weather

Extreme Weather Alert: Hungary braces for thunderstorms and cold front!

From today, showers and thunderstorms may develop in Hungary. Here are the details about this sudden weather change! #Weather #Change #Thunderstorms #Supercell

Heat record: never before so hot in Budapest and Hungary on 14 April

Heat record: Budapest and Hungary as a whole witnessed record-high temperatures in the early morning and during the day on Sunday!

Climate change: Additional heat records broken in Hungary

Several heat records were broken in Hungary on Saturday, the national weather service HungaroMet said on its website. #heat #weather

Summer weather is here: some outdoor pools already open in Hungary, but cold comes back next week

Some outdoor pools already opened in Hungary due to the warm weather: but next week, summer will end for a while. #weather #pool #beach #bath #summer #tourism

Anticipating summer: Beach season preparations, price changes and trends for 2024

As Easter approaches, people anticipate the arrival of summer weather, yet the evident impacts of climate change do not necessarily equate to an early beach season opening. It is time to look at the price changes and when to expect beaches to open. With Easter behind us, thoughts turn to the eagerly awaited summer season. Let's delve into what awaits regarding beach ticket prices once the season kicks off. #Beach #Bath #Spa #Budapest #Price #Change

Four categories broke the heat record on 1 April in Hungary

Hot air continued to flow in the Carpathian Basin from the south on April 1, breaking several heat records!

No stopping: heat records broken on Sunday in Hungary

So far, this year seems to be the year of heat records. #spring #summer #heat #record #weather #climate

Easter brings summer: Heat records broken on Saturday in Hungary

Several heat records were broken in Hungary on Saturday. #heat #weather #record #climate

A pleasantly surprising turn in Hungary’s weather for Easter – Week 13

Here's what to expect regarding Hungary's weather this week! #Easter #weather #weatherforecast

Fundamental change: cold conquers Hungary with possible snowfall!

It seems this year's hot spring will be interrupted by an immense cold front, bringing even snowfall to Hungary. #weather #coldfront #cold

Shocking weather: Brutal rain and snow expected this weekend in Hungary

Bid farewell to the pleasant weather in Hungary, rainy days ahead! #weather #weatherforecast #rain #snow

Dawn heat records broken on Wednesday in Hungary

In Budapest, 9.7 C was measured in the south-western Lágymányos area, breaking the previous record of 8.9 C measured at Országút station in 1912. #weather #record #heat

‘Sky war’ on its way to Hungary: front to bring gale-force winds

A frontal system called Louis is approaching Hungary. #weather #forecast #front

Weather surprise: February is the new April in Hungary

February so far has been akin to a cooler April, with an average temperature of 8.1 degrees Celsius in Hungary, HungaroMet said #weather #statistics #HungaroMet