Sándor Vámosi has gathered almost one million followers on YouTube by making videos of the “speedpaint” genre: this means that he is drawing realistic pictures, optical illusions, portraits, cartoon characters and other types of art in front of a camera.

Socialblade.com website found out that the Hungarian Youtuber with the most followers is an art instructor. He has made it on the list of important YouTube persona. In 2015, Sándor Vámos had approximately 300,000 subscribers on the famous video sharing website, according to Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu. His fame was spreading quickly in the last two years, as he is close to the one-millionth follower right now. It is a rarity among Hungarian artists (though a Hungarian guitarist has also passed half a million followers recently).

He has been uploading video footage of his working process when creating lifelike drawings, portraits and cartoons, or even misleading optical illusions.

Here is his interpretation of the monster of Loch Ness:

Vámos is a versatile artist: he is working as a painter, an art instructor and a caricaturist. He is master of creating optical illusions that can deceive its viewers by the skilful usage of geometry and perspective. His purpose is to awaken desire in people for drawing and painting by showing them how such pieces of art are created step by step. His channel, VamosART launched in October 2012.

The artist stated in a interview that he was diagnosed with a rare immune disease in 2013, so he was forced to abandon teaching at school after 35 years.

Then he decided to become an entrepreneur. He is arranging most of his business online and spends most of his time creating his speedpaint videos, in which his working process is shown at a faster rate. He aims to remain one of the leading international art channels on YouTube. He states that it is more challenging to stay among the most popular artists than getting there.

Here you can see how he created the famous dock at Balatonfüred:

Photo: Youtube.com

Source: Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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