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Budapest Airport’s latest bulletin containing the most essential information about travelling to and from Hungary:

The rules of entry into Hungary are changing

Information on entering and leaving Hungary is available HERE! 

Propensity to travel on the rise

A record number, more than 17 000 respondents participated in Budapest Airport’s survey carried out in June. The results reveal that 81% of interviewees plan to fly, with 67% intending to jet off from Budapest this year. The three most important criteria for participants were the price of the airline booking (30% of respondents selected this as the number one consideration), a safe airport environment and the introduction of appropriate safety measures on board. Budapest Airport played a pioneering role in the introduction of health measures relating to the coronavirus pandemic; it safeguards the health of those present at the airport with all possible measures, in line with international recommendations, and awaits passengers in 2020 as well!

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84 781 passengers flying from Budapest in June

Passenger and cargo traffic

Aviation is restarting in more and more countries; more and more airlines are announcing the restart of flights to and from Budapest, and in some cases some brand new destinations as well.  In the past few weeks Wizz Air has launched four (Abu Dzabi, Menorca, Mykonos and Santorini), LOT has launched two (Dubrovnik, Varna) new routes. The operator of Ferenc Liszt International Airport guarantees a safe airport environment for passengers and staff, with all measures.

The coronavirus pandemic had the biggest impact on passenger traffic in April, when the number of passengers did not even reach 10 000. However, the slow growth which began in May continued in June as well. Budapest Airport handled a total of 84 781 arriving and departing passengers, nearly four times as many as in May, but this is still a 94.3% reduction compared to the 1 476 257 passengers registered last June.

Ferenc Liszt International Airport handled 9980 tons of cargo in June 2020.

Faster road access to the airport: New turbo roundabout completed

The roundabout constructed on main road number 4 en route to Budapest Airport Terminal 2 was completed on Monday and immediately handed over to traffic. Thanks to the two-lane turbo roundabout, access to the airport by road has become safer and faster. The roundabout was designed so as to be able to efficiently handle the increasing future traffic to Terminal 2 and also the heavy vehicle traffic turning off towards the Cargo City.

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The total cost of constructing the roundabout was 1 billion HUF (3 011 767 EUR), 85% of which will be reimbursed by the European Union in the form of subsequent support, as part of a support package for a complex landside airport development project.

Dedicated road to the Cargo City

The new roundabout also features a dedicated cargo road, leading directly to the Cargo City, thus primarily making truck traffic easier. Another advantage of the cargo access road is that it separates passenger and freight traffic, thus making both safer and more efficient.

BUD Cargo handed over to the cargo community an important new element of its enhanced and optimized air cargo infrastructure, a brand new access road to the BUD Cargo City. The efficiency of the air cargo flow depends to a great extent on the accessibility of the airport, and the new access road to the BUD Cargo City ensures faster landside transportation going forward.

Revamped airport

Terminal 2A check-in hall

Budapest Airport used the period of low traffic for a series of developments which would have been difficult to implement under normal passenger traffic conditions. These included the replacement of the floor tiles in the Terminal 2A check-in hall, which the operator commenced this spring. The first phase was completed by the beginning of July.

Thus, passenger security screening can now be performed at both terminals again, and some of the check-in counters on the T2A side are operational again as well.

Curbside refurbishments

The area in front of the terminals, used for parking, pickup and drop-off, has been refurbished, with the cooperation of Budapest Airport staff. The employees of the BUD group form a cohesive community. Thus, colleagues who temporarily had fewer tasks due to the reduction of passenger traffic agreed to help out their colleagues performing painting and maintenance works. The repainting of the area in front of Terminal 2 was carried out with the involvement of 10 security controllers. Normally, under regular passenger traffic conditions, security controllers perform the security screening of passengers. In the current situation, however, they agreed to participate in maintenance works which do not require any specialist training. One such project was the repainting of the railings in front of the terminal. We thank them for their work, whereby we can welcome our passengers in a more pleasant environment.


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