Divány.hu selected the most interesting baths and water parks in Western Hungary.

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According to divány.hu, Zalakaros is ideal for families and couples who want to retreat to a romantic place. A thermal lake and an ecopark are being built, and by autumn, a bicycle road will be also handed over. There is a tale beach with two floors for the children, on the second floor you can use water slides. The combined ticket (beach and indoor bath) costs 3400 Ft for adults, 500 for children under 5 and 2800 for youngsters between 6 and 18.

Only 500m from Lake Balaton, you can find the Annagora Aquapark. There are two wave pools: one for adults and one for children. There is also a children pool and lots of water slides. The slide ticket is 1500 Ft for five slips and 3000 for 30 slips. Besides this, the adult ticket costs 2500 and children costs 2000, divány.hu says.

Altough Sárvár is famous for its thermal water, there is a family bath too, for example with a pirate ship for children and a lot of water slides. You can use the several sport fields, and if you are interested in it, you can visit the adventure part close to the bath. For the bath, the entry is 3100 if you are an adult and 1450 for children.

In Alsópáhok, you can go to the renovated wellnes and health center, which is especially designed for families. The prices are 3000 Ft for adults and 1500 for children.

According to Aquacity of Zalaegerszeg, they have the biggest wave pool in Hungary, which deepens gradually, just like a sandy beach. There are several pools and water slides, jacuzzis and pools for children. The daily ticket costs 3500 for adults and 1550 for children, and you have to pay an extra price for slipping from the water slides.

Based on the article of divány.hu
translated by Becsi

Photo: zalakaros.info.hu

Source: http://divany.hu/

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