Facebook users have been longing for a dislike button for years now. False news would appear on the internet from time to time, but it was never introduced. However, according to CNBC’s information, Mark Zuckerberg himself announced the possibility to dislike posts on Facebook in the near future, index.hu reports:

„People have been asking for a dislike button for years..and today is a special day, because I can tell you, that we’re really close to testing it.” said Zuckerberg.

Many hackers used people’s longing for a dislike button to deceive users, but Facebook haven’t had such a button yet, because according to the developers, social media is about networking, not for spreading negativity. Plus, advertisers wouldn’t be too happy to have such an option. They feared that the dislike button would be used for bullying either people, or the advertisers, and they wanted to avoid this negative propaganda.

Despite of their previous opinion, Facebook announced that in some cases, hitting dislike might mean empathy; if a friend of yours shares something sad, you can signal that you sympathize with them. FaceMoc has made a Firefox extension years ago exactly with that purpose, but only those who had the extension installed could see the dislikes – meaning that 99% of the users have never seen it.

So the official stand is that the dislike button is only for indicating empathy, supposing it passes the testing phase and becomes part of Facebook. However, it’s still a mystery how one will be able to differentiate between a dislike, that means sympathy, and a dislike, that’s only for cyberbullying.

translated by Adrienn Sain
based on an article of index.hu

Source: http://index.hu/

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