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The first Hungarian candidate in Slovakia on the presidential election

The first Hungarian candidate in Slovakia on the presidential election

´The current election is of historical importance for the following reasons: Gyula Bardos is the first candidate of Hungarian nationality, indicating that Slovakia belongs to all of its residents and we wish to gain more insight and influence on matters of general concernments on the highest level. We will not be passive and contemplative over how the head of state describes us. Taking into consideration the future and political influence of the Hungarian nation, it is essential to pass on this symbolic message during the election.´ -the Roundtable of Hungarians in Slovakia, Új Szó reports.

Gyula Bardos, member of the Party of the Hungarian Community introduced himself as a presidential candidate in December. He managed to collect 46 000 supporting signatures in approximately 2 weeks and received 97 000 votes on March 15, which is 5,1 percent of the total votes.

´If we take ourselves more seriously, the majority will, too. We have to make changes because the current political situation is unacceptable to us, the number of Hungarian and minority citizens alike is decreasing. Keeping together does not have alternatives.´ -said the Hungarian candidate.

´This is a way of showing that we are not second-rank citizens. Being a Hungarian candidate in Slovakia is important because foreigners will have a chance to obtain information about Hungarians living here and know that this is a multinational country. What matters the most is what kind of men are the candidates, not what nationality and party members they are.´ -added Gyula Bardos.


The candidate trusts the president elected to be the kind of person whom all voters can be proud of, no matter their nationality. ´I feel that the campaign was very successful. (…) I am glad that a significant number of people understood why the presence of a Hungarian candidate is important and that the election is not about me, but the Upper Hungary community, the people living together in Southern Slovakia.´ -declared Gyula Bardos immediately after voting.

The second round of the presidential election in Slovakia will take place on March 29 and the candidates are Robert Fico and Andrej Kiska.

based on article of the daily Új Szó

by Reka Jancskar

Photo: MTI


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