London is one of the Europe’s greatest capitals. This effortlessly chic, cosmopolitan city with a profound cultural heritage attracts millions of people every year. However, it is not only for the tourist attractions that vibrant crowd of international travellers choose London; Britain’s capital is ultimately known for its consistent progress in the financial and commercial sectors, encouraging young professionals from all over the globe to pursue their careers in the United Kingdom.

The Hungarian expat community in London is considerably large. Due to the surge of interest in outstanding, world-class universities, thousands of determined, eager to succeed Hungarians move to this leading global metropolis. Majority of these ambitious young adults would like to establish their careers in the United Kingdom. Hence, it is essential for them to receive as much help as they can – getinsightful views on the process of integration, matters of the personal growth and discuss current problems of the civil society. Thankfully, there is a place in London, which serves a purpose to help, motivate, and provoke thoughts -Balassi Institute Hungarian Cultural Centre (HCC).

In January of 2014 The Hungarian Cultural Centre and the Association of Hungarian Students Abroad (KÜMA), together with the Hungarian Student Association UK have launched the series of special events, called Hungarian Student College. Throughout the whole year these events will aim to raise attention to the certain crucial matters. Great benefit of the Hungarian Student College is an opportunity to interact with some of the most influential people in the business industry, diplomacy, and social sector.

During the second session of the season the guest speaker was Mr. Gergely Prőhle, Deputy State Secretary for EU Bilateral Relations, Press and Cultural Diplomacy. There is no surprise that people like Mr. Prőhle are the ones,who inspire young generation. Attendees of the events are always welcome to share their thoughts and questions with a guest –speaker. The invited expert will guide the audience and lead the students to a deeper understanding of the issue.

The Hungarian Student Collage intends to “offer a series of programs clustered around a variety of topics, hot ones and ever-greens, including themes starting from Hungary’s place in Europe and in the world, through cyber security and gamification, to public transportation. After the session the audience is encouraged to stay, network and discuss the topics further.” Creators of this project are passionate advocates of interactive forms of providing knowledge.

The Hungarian Cultural Center is striving for excellence. With a help of Hungarian Student College project students are able to form friendships, broaden horizons, encouraged to follow strong principles and ethics. Most importantly, they get to have a piece of home abroad.

by Ekaterina Egorova

Photo: Daily News Hungary


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