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When museums can be visited for free? It is useful to know which days are free. According to, with free entrance, visitors can only see the permanent exhibitions and only if they accompany a child less than 18-year-old (with maximum 2 relatives) or if they are under 26 years. It is not a problem if visitors cannot see all parts of the exhibition because they can return in a month.

The following museums can be visited in the following days:

In every month, the third Saturday:
Hungarian National Gallery
Fine Arts Museum (although it had closed down for 2 years)
Museum of Applied Arts
Hungarian National Museum
Nagytétény Palace

The last Saturday in every month:
Petőfi Literature Museum

The first Sunday in every month:
Museum of Ethnography
Hungarian Natural History Museum

The third Sunday in every month:
Skanzen of Szentendre

The last Sunday in every month:
Transportation Museum
Museum of Military History
Ludwig Museum

It is useful to know that all children under the age of 6 and individuals above the age of 70 can enter for free and can visit all the exhibitions.

The museums are also free on all national holidays, even the temporary exhibitions: on 15th March, 20th of August, 23rd of October, 22nd of January and also on Heritage Days: on 22nd and 23rd of September.

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