The brilliant design of Kincső Nagy has also been noticed by the world press.

The work of a Hungarian student has conquered he foreign press. The special book design of Kincső Nagy became popular quickly, and even though there is only one copy of it, there is a demand for it. Kincső Nagy first showed her work online. Several foreign and Hungarian portals have noticed and shared her ingenious plan.

The Telegraph has contacted the talented graphic artist, who told them how surprised she was when she realised how many people liked her work. She received many e-mails from all over the world. She loves street art, fold-out books and old movies. Her groupmates, who have helped her a lot, also support her.

Kincső Nagy graduated as a graphic designer from the University of West Hungary. Her thesis work was the redesign of the Harry Potter series. The cover and the interior pages were produced with special graphics and colouring. Some of the pictures inside can be folded out, as in old storybooks. Thanks to the phosphorescent paint, the book has become really magical.

harry potter

About her work, she said: ”as a topic for my thesis, I was looking for a book that is in need of redesign, and has not been published with illustrations inside. That is why I chose the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling. There are covers for all the seven books; and the first book – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – was entirely redesigned with illustrations.

Since its first edition in 1997, the series were published in a million ways, most of which were made for children. I think it is a bit unfair, as this story is exciting for children adults, as well.

The series include the world of reality and fantasy; I kept this in mind during the design. For example, the books, which seem totally simple, are covered with phosphorescent paint, so if lights are turned down after reading, they begin to glow in the dark. In many cases, the illustrations hide something else, than it seems at first… – writes hellodesign.


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