11 projects were awarded this year at the Architectural Excellence Awards and 3 additional projects were given an award certificate. The prizes were given at the annual closing assembly of National Federation of Hungarian Building Contractors (ÉVOSZ), as Magyarépítők reported.

The competition was announced in spring the 18th time. The competition had eight categories for that projects with a budget of more than 100 million forints (about 320,000 euros) could be submitted. They also had to begin functioning at least one year prior to the submission.

The awarded projects


Public building category

Meséskert Kindergarten „passive house”

Photo: tervlap.hu
  • Builder: The Municipal of District XIII, Budapest
  • Designer: Archikon Kft. (Budapest)


Public building/ Trade and catering construction category

Hotel Moments

  • Builder: CD Hungary Ingatlanhasznosító, Forgalmazó és Szolgáltató Zrt.
  • Designer: Archikon Kft.

The building was rebuilt multiple times. This building from the 19th century combines Historical Hungarian and modern features. It was designed by Adolf Feszty on the orders of Baron Henrik Schossberger between 1880 – 1882. Now it functions as a four-star hotel with 99 rooms. The inner courtyard was covered with a glass roof. The original frescoes of the building were preserved at the entrance and the lobby.  The estate lies at a favourable location: the service units are situated along the neighbouring firewall, while the rooms overlook the three streets surrounding the hotel. The uppermost floor has a presidential room facing the dome of the Basilica. The building deterred by the end of the ‘90s, but Hungarian investors opened the hotel in March 2016 after a series of renovations.


Public building / Sports and leisure category

Pannonhalma, Basketball Hall

  • Builder: Benedictine High School of Pannonhalma Charitable Foundation
  • Designer: Gutowski Építész Kft. (Páty)


Public building / Education category

Students’ Dormitory of National University of Public Service

  • Builder:National University of Public Service
  • Designer:Finta és Társai építész Stúdió Kft.

The dormitory is situated on the corner of Orczy Street and Üllői Street. The building is currently replacing the absent brick wall of the campus.  The panorama is occupied by Orczy garden, while Campus Square serves as a splendid venue for marches and festivals. A mildly tilted sunbathing hillside was created on one side, which faces towards the garden lake and serves as a green roof. The dormitory has 600 free beds with apartments for 2+2 people. These apartments have their own bathrooms and there are tea kitchens and public rooms on every floor. Reception, multifunctional rooms and a buffet can be found on the ground floor, while a garden and bike storage awaits outdoors.


Public building / Education category

Central European University’s new building

  • Builder: CEU Oktatási – Szolgáltató Nonprofit Ltd.
  • Designers: O’Donnell + Tuomey Ltd. (Dublin) – M-Teampannon Építészmérnöki Kft.

Central European University united its campus in its former centre in Nádor Street. It is the first stage of a larger investment.  This stage affected two buildings: 13th Nádor Street, which is a Classicistic housing designed by József Hild was connected to 15th Nádor Street. The Irish architects created an interesting, unique inner structure for the twin building. The execution had strictly limited space in a world heritage environment.


Public building / Church construction category

Mátraverebély – Szentkút National Shrine complex, partly renovated

  • Builder: Fons Sacer clerical person, Magyarok Nagyasszonya Franciscan Order
  • Designer: LINT Építészeti és Művészeti Kft. (Budapest).


Monument restoration, building renovation category

Szombathely, Bishop’s Palace, the restoration of the bombarded wing, renovation of the facade and the roof

  • Builder:Diocese of Szombathely
  • Designer:4RAM Építészmérnök Iroda Kft. (Göd)


Monument restoration, building renovation category

Gyula, Almásy Castle, visitor centre

  • Builder: Municipal of Gyula
  • Designer: Földes és Társai Építésziroda Kft. (Budapest)


Traffic installations category

Railway Station of Békéscsaba, station building’s reconstruction

  • Builder: NIF Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt.
  • Designers: FŐMTERV Mérnöki Tervező Zrt., Mata-dór Architectúra Kft. (Budapest), Mérték Építészeti Stúdió Kft. (Budapest), Garten Studio Kft.(Budapest)


Complex infrastructural installation category

Railway Station of Kelenföld, Western exit, alteration of M1-M7 Motorway’s entrance

  • Builder: Budapest Transport Plc.
  • Designer: FŐMTERV Mérnöki Tervező Zrt.


Environmental and water installations category

Flood protection system of Szeged’s inner city

  • Builder: Municipal of County Town Szeged
  • Designer: MÉLYÉPTERV Komplex Zrt.


Received award certificate


Public building category

Rece-fice Kindergarten and Manóvár Créche

  • Builder: Kőbányai Vagyonkezelő Zrt.
  • Designer: KJT Építész Stúdió Kft. (Budapest)


Public building / Church construction category

Szentlélek Church, Veresegyház

  • Builder: The Municipal of Veresegyház
  • Designer: László Nagy (Veresegyház)


Environmental and water installations category

Komárom, the repair of the security of Almásfüzitő Flood Protection Bay

  • Builder: North-Transdanubian Water Directorate (Győr)
  • Designer: SOLVEX Környezet- és Vízgazdálkodási Tervező és Kivitelező Kft. (Szombathely)


Architectural Excellence Award is represented by a bronze plate with the name of the creators on it, attached to the construction. The ceremonial inauguration of the plates will take place during the spring of 2018.

Photos: Facebook.com/Építőipari-Mesterdíj-Alapítvány

Source: Magyarépítők

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