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In terms of housing purchases, last year Vörösmarty Square in the 5th district of Budapest was the most expensive in the country, where an average of HUF 1,619,000 (~EUR 4570) per square meter price was the norm. The cheapest properties could be found in Szemely, Igar, Tarnazsadány, Bihartorda and Mezősas, where the price per square meter of flats was between 20 and 21 thousand forints (~EUR 59).

But what about now? How has the pandemoc affected the real estate market?

Index presents the suvery of, which ranked the most expensive and cheapest streets in the first half of December based on 180,000 real estate ads for sale. The winners are:

  • Úri Street in the first district, where HUF 2.3 million (~EUR 6491) per square meter is requested for the apartments for sale.
  • The silver medalist is Széchenyi Street in the 5th district with a price of HUF 1.9 million (~EUR 5362) per square meter.
  • Tárnok Street in Buda Castle finished in third place with a price of HUF 1.7 million (~EUR 4798) per square meter.

The study also shows that

the cheapest public area is in Karos, Borsod County, where the average real estate is only 19 thousand forints (~EUR 54) per square meter for properties on Petőfi Sándor Street.

The other “winners” of the best-priced streets were tied for a supply price of HUF 25,000 (~EUR 71) per square meter. These are found in Elek, Békés County, Sárospatak in Borsod County and Vízvár in Somogy County.

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