Mr Gay World Hungarian bronze

Hungary took part in Mr Gay World for the first time, and Olivér Pusztai came home with the third place. Check out what he said after his success below.

In fact, the contest was held Saturday night in which Mr Hungary 2018, Olivér Pusztai represented Hungary. Wearing a hussar uniform in the round presenting traditional clothes he came home with a third place and the audience choice award, as well, meaning that he received the most votes from people polling from all around the world – reported.

Twenty-four countries took part in the competition hosted in Cape Town (South Africa) where Belgium’s, Hungary’s, Thailand’s, Spain’s and the Phillippines’ contestants managed to get into the Top 5. Olivér Pusztai is

an influencer, YouTuber who was awarded the best blogger of Hungary in 2018.

You can watch his short introductory video below:

In fact, the second place went to a Spanish family doctor, Fran J. Alvarado while the gold medal and the title Mr Gay World 2019 to Janjep Carlos from the Phillippines.

Olivér Pusztai wrote on his Instagram that he is very happy for his third place which he regards as a worthy position for Hungary taking part in the competition for the first time. “The last eight days were inspiring but at the same time very stressful, as well, of which one gets tired mentally, physically and emotionally.” We were shown the other face of Cape Town and the African LGBTQ life -we visited places that were mentally very tiring.” He added that he is very thankful towards the organisers for enabling him to meet the delegates – and the culture – of the other contestant countries and through them

he learnt a lot about the situation of the LGBTQ communities in the different countries.

Mr Gay World Hungary bronze
Olivér Pusztai. Photo:

He highlighted that this helps him a lot to continue the campaigns he already started in Hungary after he arrives home.

According to, Mr Gay World is a network of equals, delegates and producers. It is a competition that draws contestants from all over the world and reinforces the cultural bonds of the gay communities into a positive global network for raising awareness, promoting visibility, offering support to the broader LGBTQ community for human rights and acknowledging the active citizenship of gay people worldwide.

Furthermore, the contestants, as national winners possess many qualities. The winner will have a unique combination of

looks, charm, intellect, confidence, awareness and self-esteem.

Mr Eric Butter, President and Founder of Mr Gay World said that the competition is not a pageant, but a leadership programme where they educate the delegates and the delegates educate them. “It is about enabling each other, removing stigmas, it is about diversity, breaking barriers, inclusion and sensitisation.” – he added.

In fact, the winner was chosen “after a gruelling week of interviews by the panel of judges, written tests, social media campaigns, pop culture, online voting, exercises, triathlon, soaking up the township of Khayelitsha and long evenings of rehearsals.”



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